Intuitive Therapy Sessions

Intuitive Therapy Sessions

After a thorough intuitive look into your personal energy and life circumstances,, I’ll be able to help you understand why you are going through what you are experiencing as well as how to solve those pressing issues. With this information, you’ll be able to change your circumstances without anyone even knowing what you are doing.


Get your questions answered about your health or physical well-being.


Gain understanding about the purpose of any relationship and how to resolve deep wounds.


Learn the best ways to build prosperity and financial security.


Discover your unique potentials, possibilities and opportunities and contribute to the mending of the world.

The Benefits of Intuitive Therapy Over Traditional Therapy

My intuitive therapy sessions are quite different from traditional psychotherapy. Instead of spending endless sessions recounting your past history and circling through the same old issues, I can read your energy and intuitively provide you with innovative solutions for solving your life dilemmas, often in a single session! I am adept at rooting out the underlying blocks to reaching your full potential and providing immediate and practical solutions to life struggles. I do this by first helping you understand, then move past, negative patterns and limitations. Instead of doing all the talking (and having to unearth solutions for yourself), you receive direct guidance to methods of tackling those deeply ingrained roadblocks which are limiting your growth in whatever area that is weighing you down. That is why so many of my clients attest to the marked benefits of shifting from the muddled morass of psychotherapy to spending just a little intuitive time with me!

How Can I Serve You?

Private Mentorship

One-on-one Intuitive Training and Coaching focusing on your unique circumstances and desires for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.



Minimum 6 months
  • Dedicated Individual Therapy, Training and Support
  • Private email access and attention
  • Follow up resources and mentoring

$120 / $85

1 Hour Session ($120 New Client Rate / $85 Return Rate)
  • Intuitive assessment of your issues
  • Answering all your questions
  • Finding innovative solutions for sustained fulfillment
Most Referred

Video - Lessons

Take one of Michelle’s extensive intuitive courses or join a live webinar and develop your intuition so you can evolve your life and mend the world.



Per Class
  • Free webinars demonstrating the best intuitive practices

* Michelle’s business was built on referrals – please feel free to continue the trend. 

New Client Intuitive Therapy Sessions

  • An initial session will provide you with a full assessment and higher understanding of your unique life circumstances, potentials and opportunities.
  • No matter what you are going through, this session will offer you new and innovative solutions to your struggles and uncertainties.
  • Initial Intuitive Sessions last 1 hour.
  • You can ask questions and seek insight into specific areas of your life.
  • Sessions offered in office, by phone or facetime and you can record your session on any of your devices.
  • BONUS: After completing your first appointment, you are can take advantage of Michelle’s Intuitive Therapy sessions at a reduced fee.

Return Client Intuitive Therapy Sessions

  • This session is for returning clients wanting to address previous or new areas of concern or curiosity.
  • Intuitive Therapy sessions allow you to check in on your progress with a certain issue or gain greater insight into other areas of your life for the purpose of discovering new patterns and behaviors for achieving your greatest desires.
  • Sessions last 1 hour and as always, you can record your session on any of your devices with sessions being offered in office, by phone or facetime.
  • BONUS: As a returning client, you can book as many sessions as you need. Some clients book bi-monthly others monthly or even seasonally depending on what they are going through and want to achieve.
  • Life can be difficult. . . take advantage of intuitive insight as often as you need!

Best Recommended Daily Habits

Be Grounded
Be Authentic
Accept Others
Learn from Mistakes

What Clients Say

1 hour with Michelle is worth 10 years of therapy. After seeing her, I always feel refreshed, reassured and motivated for my next steps.

Gina Chaffer, Education Administration

I find that Michelle is a wonderful source of clarity, inspiration, and motivation for reaffirming my life’s mission. I highly value her work and writing, and always look forward to my sessions with her.

Dan Garafalo, Business Consultant

Interviews with Michelle

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