Forbes Magazine reports, “Intuition is the highest form of intelligence.”

February 2017

“I was struggling in relationship and Michelle showed me how to create the love I deserved. Now I have a loving partner and companion to share my life. I’m immensely grateful to Michelle and her ability to see what I could not.”

Brenda Soransam, Mental Health Professional

“I’ve done a lot of private mentorship with Michelle. She has helped me focus on maintaining balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As a result, my health has improved, my relationships are stronger and I feel I’m having the impact and influence I’ve always wanted. It feels good to be me.”

Arlene Holcomb, Hair Stylist

Michelle DesPres

Background and credentials

Michelle DesPres is a certified clairvoyant medium, author, teacher and dynamic speaker who lives what she teaches.

Michelle received her training from a school following the Berkeley Psychic Institute’s program for clairvoyant development. After finishing her education, she began her private intuitive practice lending insight to others for the means of maintaining holistic well-being. Shortly after, she began hosting classes and teaching her clients how to develop and use their own intuition to find the solutions to their everyday life issues.

Michelle is the author of the books The Clairvoyant Path and the soon to be released. . . Intuitively You helping individuals discover their best selves. She wrote the Intuitive Ethical Standards establishing the industry guidelines for intuitive practitioners and other such alternative therapists.

Michelle also founded the International Association of Intuitive Practitioners teaching intuitives how to ethically hone their skills and build thriving businesses in the growing field of mind, body and soul integration.

Flip me over and find out!


“Mostly I love being myself . . . offering insight, playing music, teaching, being with the ones I love and standing up for what I believe.

I feel fortunate to love what I do and do what I love. My hope is that I can help others learn to do the same so we can change the current American standard of living and start creating happy, fulfilling, sustainable and abundant lives.

It’s important for me to make a difference and leave the world a better place for the generations to come.”


How did I end up here?

Michelle’s personal intuitive journey

Many years ago, I was struggling in my life. My marriage was failing, my career was unfulfilling and I couldn’t remember who I was outside of the expectations others held of me. It seemed my nuclear family and American dream was crumbling. I was sick, tired and uncertain about my future.

Then one day, while at home and in a moment of sadness and tears, from out of nowhere the voice of a woman said to me, “Fret not, everything will be fine.” I spun around expecting to see a stranger in my house but I was alone. I laughed at myself with the thought that I’d gone crazy and was hearing voices. Yet the voice wasn’t inside my head. She was outside of me speaking telepathically and projecting her thoughts to me. More importantly, her words were soothing and comforting and rather than feeling fearful, I was filled with hope the first time in a long time. It was then my journey began. I knew that until I understood who the voice was and why she was speaking to me, nothing in my life would make sense.

My quest for answers led me to a school in Denver that taught Lewis Bostwick’s Berkeley clairvoyant program. It was during my intuitive training that I learn that the voice of the woman belonged to one of my spirit guides, an energy appointed to consult and assist me on my life’s journey. As I learned to intuitively interact with her, and other energies, I reconnected to my own spirit and life finally began to make sense and feel worthwhile in ways greater than I ever imagined possible.

Living intuitively taught me who I was, why I was, and what my life’s purpose could be. It not only allowed me to transcend my past wounds, unhealthy life patterns and self-destructive tendencies, but it taught me how to transform my strife into ease, love and acceptance. . . and it can do the same for you.

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