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Questions about Michelle and how she works:

What does a session with you look like?

First, my goal is not to prove to you that intuition is real. My goal is to help you find deeper understanding about your life patters and circumstances so you can have more of the life you desire. I always say I’m not in the predicting business…rather…I’m in the possibility, probably and solutions business.

A typical session with me looks like this:

  • To begin, I always ask if you would like to record our session or if you just wish to take notes. I encourage both.


  • Next, whether I have been intuitively consulting with you for years or if it’s our first time meeting, I start by first viewing your energy field without any knowledge of why you have sought out my services. This way I can get a clean understanding of what is going on without being unduly influence by you.


  • After sharing with you my initial intuitive assessment and solutions, I will ask what you want to address. I encourage you be to have questions about the things you most want to find greater understand about or wish to change in your life…although I have to say…most of what I see initially is exactly why you have come to me.


  • If you have specific things you want insight into whether that’s about work, relationship, personal patterns, collective dynamics, earth, the universe, or even grandma on the other side, I will focus my intuition on that subject(s) and offer you my perspective and solutions if needed. It’s important to note that just because I offer you my perspective doesn’t mean you have to do anything with it. I’m not your authority and my perspective is meant to help you gauge against your own perspective so you can find your personal truths.


  • Additionally, as a medium, which means I connect with the energies of the crossed over, if you wish to make mediumship the focus of your session with me, we can do that. Otherwise, your crossed over loved ones may or may not come in during your session. If that process doesn’t happen naturally, you can always ask me to check in with them and I will gladly oblige.

Should I have questions or let you direct the session?

Most people want an intuitive to “prove it” to them and think giving their intuitive personal information will taint the process. However…I strongly believe that getting into a dialogue with your intuitive practitioner is much more effective and provides expanded insights that bring precise solutions for your particular issues. But this is why I like to witness your energy first and then we can get into the dialogue.

Are you a psychologist?

No. However, many of my clients refer to me as the Spirit M.D., which is a play on my initials but also connotes that I help my clients repair their spirits…which, it turns out…leads to their increased physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

Interestingly, my clients often write their checks to me as therapy because they consider my services to be a higher form of understanding that offers them perspectives and solutions to their life issues not found in talk therapy. Honestly, I don’t know if this is true, I only know what my clients tell me…1 hour with me is like 10 years of talk therapy.

Are you a psychic?

I call myself a clairvoyant because I trained under the Berkeley clairvoyant program…however…I could just as easily call myself a psychic, intuitive, mystic, empath, medium, metaphysician…you name it…as these are all the same thing. Yet while I call myself a clairvoyant out of habit, I feel intuitive best encapsulates all elements of this ability and work and is easier for people to digest and receive.

How do you get your information?

The way I get intuitive information is by witnessing your subtle energetic field. Within your personal energy field are symbols in the form of images, impressions, feelings and sensations that represent you and what you are experiencing and interpret what I find.

For instance, there are several ways in which I use in intuition to interpret your field:

Clairvoyantly, I will see what exists in your field like a flower that is wilted and in need of emotional attention.

Clairaudiently, I will hear the frequencies of the energy in your field that tell me if you are up, down or completely turned around.

Clairsentiently, I will feel your emotions and physical issues which help me understand why your knees are in pain.

Claircognizantly, I don’t have to see, hear or feel anything I will just know if you are well or ill or if you simply need a break.

yet, I think it’s important to note that these intuitive skills are not unique to me. You can apply them to yourself as well. They are, however, skills I have highly developed to help you find greater health, wealth and well-being.

Do demons and entities exist and will they influence our session?

I don’t want to pretend that demons and entities don’t exist…they do. However, the vast majority of us do not have a problem with such things. As a matter of fact, I’ve never come across a seriously difficult energy in my 15 years of intuitive work…It’s just rare.

That said, I have had experience with exceptionally negative entities but it was as I was growing up and was more about my mother than me.

In short, what I’ve learned about dark energies is that they only come to us when we need to assume more of our power and their purpose is to bring us back the power that we gave to them. It really is true that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

How long have you had this gift?

This question has always baffled me. Number one, every has this gift and we’ve all had it since birth. So it’s not so much a “gift” in the way most perceive it as an ability only given to a chosen few. It is however a gift that our Creator, God, Source…whatever your belief is…gave us as a means of balancing self and relationship to what is outside of us. Intuition is a fundamental part of every person’s being that can be developed to great degrees if you wish…just as I have done.

Is your intuition always on?

Your intuition is always on unless you don’t want it to be. I’ve learned to turn my intuition off especially when I am socializing or otherwise not working because it’s generally always operating and sometimes I want a break.

Is your work a religion and how do you feel about other religions?

My work is not a religion….if anything, it’s a science. Religion is a man-made concept while intuition is an innate, God given, guidance system that every person has and which gives them access to their own truths. That said, I grew up as a Baptist and still have much respect for religious institutions. However, I learned early that God was in everything and that figures such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Allah, Buddha and Quan Yin were here to provide enlightenment not dogma. So while I no longer actively attend Christian church, I still pray for myself, those I love and even the world and often seek guidance from the masters and the angels.

Can you help me win the lottery or win big in Vegas?

Yes…however…rarely does it work. Here is the problem with predicting gambling outcomes…according to the laws of quantum physics, the act of observing something changes it. Therefore, when you intuitively witness what the outcome of an event will be you are automatically changing it at the same time. With that in mind, you also have to consider how many other people’s energy is witnessing the gambling event as well and skewing the results even further. Simply put, there are too many shifting energies that take place in gambling which is why it is immensely difficult to predict. So, good luck with that.

Can you program me with your mind?

Only if you let me! But seriously. . . I don’t want people to be what I want, I want them to be more of who they want to be. Intuitives can’t program you any more they you get programmed by your doctor, reality tv or all the body images ads you see. Whatever power you want to give someone over you is what they will have. So always be your own authority and no one will be able to unethically influence your mind.

Questions about energy and intuition:

What is eneregy?

“Discoveries are being made that prove what religion has always espoused: human beings are far more extraordinary than an assemblage of flesh and bones. At its most fundamental, this new science answers questions that have perplexed scientists for hundreds of years. At its most profound this is a science of the miraculous…these studies offer us copious information about the central organizing force governing our bodies and the rest of the cosmos…we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world…We are attached and engaged, indivisible from our world and our only fundamental truth is our relationship with it.”[i]  Lynne McTaggart, The Field, from her epilogue “The Coming Revolution.”

Lynne McTaggart is a leading researcher in the field of consciousness and its quantum effects. In her book, The Field, she speaks of the scientific revolution of quantum consciousness  in which we will use our higher minds to direct the energetic universe to achieve personal heal, peace and fulfillment.

McTaggart notes that science once believed that life was created due to a ‘chemical reaction’ and therefore we were merely victims to circumstance.  After all, if you were not creating the action you are merely subject to the reaction. However, today quantum science tells us we are not a chemical reaction but an energetic change…which changes everything. Suddenly you are no longer a victim to outside circumstances, instead your thoughts charge or create the action suggesting you have far more control over your reality than you know.

[i] McTaggart, Lynne, The Field, from her epilogue “The Coming Revolution,” New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2002. Print

What is intuition?

Science now knows what mystics and metaphysicians have been saying for eons…everything is energy, energy never ceases to exist and you can use your intuition to direct energy.

Intuition is the education you didn’t get in school that allows you to interpret and conduct the flow of energy so you find your unique balance of mind, body and soul and can thrive in all phases of your life. It’s a simply science that everyone can comprehend and master and could easily be taught to us in elementary school as a fundamental aspect of our well-being.

Albert Einstein often spoke of using intuition to reach his logical conclusions and believed intuition was the cure to our social, political, financial and philosophical life issues because it allows us to think, not just outside the box, but beyond the scope of our mentally perceived reality where new and innovative solutions can be accessed.

Why are some people intuitive but others are not?

Everyone is intuitive. However, some people don’t need to be as tuned in as others because it is not their point of growth in this lifetime.

I’ve practiced the laws of attraction and still have problems creating my reality…WHY?

It’s true that energy shifts with our intentions. However, sometimes our intentions are not enough to shift a circumstance. WHY? Two reasons:

  1. Your thoughts are not in alignment with you desire. For instance, if you want more money but cannot generate it, it’s likely that your thoughts of money are really thoughts of lack and that you need to repattern this thought if you wish to create your desires.
  2. But the other reason it can be difficult to change your reality is because there are certain elements that your soul needs to know in this lifetime that are hard-wired into your life plan that cannot be redesigned only experienced.

Questions about mediumship:

What is mediumship?

Mediumship is an intuitive ability to connect to the energy of those who have left their bodies and are now existing in spirit.

How can I know if my loved one made a peaceful transition?

First, just know that transitioning from body to spirit is easy and it’s extremely rare that souls have a hard time fully leaving. It’s far more likely your loved one made it than didn’t. Also know that emotions cloud. Your loved one are with you but it may be hard to see them through your own sadness. But one of the ways you can be reassured that your loved one is fully crossed is by paying attention to your dreams (as they like to check in with you there), pay attention to the messages coming to you in the form of animals, synchronistic conversations happening around you, pennies from heaven…there are many ways our loved ones will let us know they are still with us…they may not be able to come through exactly as you expect but take special note of the things happening around you and you see your loved ones are still with you.

Can you see if my loved ones are happy?

Generally our loved ones are happy on the other side but at times they miss us too or feel regret for their wrong doings. However, they have full understanding there and see how and why souls go into agreement. But the real beauty is that there are always angels around the crossed over guiding and helping them understand their transition so they are never lost.

What happens when we die?

Death is actually a very peaceful and easy process once you have left the body. Basically, you are met by those you have loved who have left before you as well as your guides, angels and spiritual masters. When they greet you, they talk to you about what you will be going through next and help reassure you that those you left in body will be fine. Then (as I symbolically see it) they take you to a enormously long table full of food, sweets and drinks that represent your life experiences and which you get to taste again as you make your way through your life review. After your life review, you can witness those still in body and gain greater understanding of their growth and evolution so your soul can have it to. You can elect to help bring those in body what they need. You can even work with other spirits getting ready to inhabit a body again. Much of these choices depends on what your soul desires for growth.

If I had a bad relationship with a crossed over person, are they still around me?

How often your crossed over people are around you is determined by how much they positively or negatively affected you. Positive relationships allow your crossed over to be with you immediately after their crossing although timing is different for every soul based on how they transition but they are there for your support and assistance. Negative relationships may or may not show up around you and are more dependent on how harmful a person was to you. If they were exceptionally harmful, their energy is contained and not allowed to interfere with those still in a body. If they were not quiet as harmful, they may be only allowed to witness but not assist.

Why do the crossed over stay with us?

Those on the other side stay with us because they continue to grow and evolve by watching and assisting us along our journey. But also, they want to be with us because love never ceases to exist and they love and want the best for us.

Can I asked my crossed over loved one to come to me?

Absolutely…and they will! Try not to doubt the process and just let it be. Eventually, you will sense their presence. But also…if you don’t want an energy with you, you can tell them to stay away. Remember, you are always the authority and spirit must adhere.

Is suicide wrong?

Suicide is an element I’m exceptionally familiar with and that I have learned much about. In short, a person really can’t make a “wrong” choice because in spirit there is no right or wrong there just IS. Some souls need the experience of leaving their body by their own hand. There is a lesson in it. Other souls have become conditioned to believe that committing suicide is the best way to end a terrible life design. And others accidentally enter into suicide only to realize what they have done as they cross to the other side. Every soul goes through a life review when they leave and there are always angels guiding the process. No soul is every lost!


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