Are You Paying Attention to the Messages Spirit is Sending You?

In October of 2012, a good friend of mine passed away. His birthday was the day before Halloween and all month his birthday reminder was marked on my calendar. However, two days prior to the date the notification disappeared. This reminder was a feature of Facebook and I assumed he took the date off his profile  and I sent him a birthday hello anyway. However, much to my sadness he would never receive my greeting. The day of his birthday, I was scrolling through the social media news feed when I learned that my friend had died the day before his birthday. Curiously, his birth information was still active on Facebook but for some reason it was not showing up on my calendar like all the other notifications – as if someone or something was trying to alert me to what was happening. The universe is always communicating with us but we have to be willing to see and be aware in order to get the messages and taking advantage of the opportunities they bring like sending a birthday hello a day earlier than originally intended.

Over the many years that I have studied and practiced metaphysics, I have become very adept at recognizing how universal spirit energy interacts with my daily mundane world to bring me the information I need to stay conscious and aware of the reality unfolding in my life. As a matter of fact, I am very much in the habit of asking to be given a “heads up” in regards to the status of my loved ones or the circumstances unfolding in my life so that I am aware of what I can, or cannot, do about what is transpiring for good or bad. As a result, I often have lucid dreams in which I receive information about people and their status, I’ll hear songs on the radio that validate my choices, and I even experience difficulties with my electronic devices (such as my phone) telling me that what I am experiencing in the moment is highly significant and I should not ignore what needs to be done.

With our shift into 2013 and the dawning of a new world age, it is becoming increasingly more important that we become aware of the events taking place around us and learn to discern their symbolic messages so we can work with spirit toward creating the greater realities we wish to experience today. If you don’t know how to discern the symbolism around you, seek a higher or clairvoyant education and what truth means to you. If you already know how to discern the symbolism of your life, heed the messages and act without delay taking advantage of the vast opportunities for change and growth you have today.

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  1. Gina
    January 4, 2013

    a great reminder to pay attention thank you as always for your wisdom

  2. Matt R.
    January 11, 2013

    This year, I have come to a point where I lived for several months as if the Spirit was communicating with me in every single moment with every single thing. I retreated from such an intense openness out of fear that I might loose my mind. I may have had that fear as a result of social pressures stemming from not understanding and their doubt raised doubt in my own soul. Thoughts?

    1. January 12, 2013

      While I would agree that social pressure certainly plays a part…it only plays a small part. When most people enter a spiritual journey they tend to be wide open, hopeful for any and all connections. This eagerness either leads them to seeing nothing or seeing everything. The trick is really in knowing how to hold a psychic space or rather be in command of yourself as a spirit so you are telling spirit how to work with you rather than just allowing anything to happen. Being clairvoyant or psychic is not about being open to spirit miraculously reaching out to us and handing us a life changing message. Its about matching the higher vibrations of spirit and acting in the same higher manner thereby creating our own change in the world. Here in lies the problem…when we strive to match this higher spiritual frequency, in order to have any affect within it, we must understand how the subtle quantum energetic field operates so we can work with it, telling it how not to overwhelm us. This is the type of education none of us got in school. None of us were taught how to clairvoyantly view our subtle energy fields let alone take command over them. So it makes sense that if we have no understand of the quantum boundaries we need to be holding, spirit can be overwhelming and in some ways detrimental as it can invoke fear that stops us from exploring the larger picture. So don’t be afraid. Seek out a quantum clairvoyant education and learn how to work with the subtle energy field so you can start to harness its greater power without it burning you out. Have Fun!! 🙂

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