TRANSPARENCY NOW: Are you having your voice?

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Brett Kavanaugh isn’t the only high-level individual these days who is facing the mirror of truth known as transparency. Rep. Jim Knoblach recently pulled out of the elections after his adult daughter alleged that he touched her inappropriately when she was a child. And I recently read a news article in Politico Magazine titled, “Six siblings of Arizona congressman urge voters to boot him from office.” In the report, the siblings of Rep. Paul Gosa reportedly took out campaign adds urging voters not to re-elect their brother. In their words, “He’s not listening to you . . . And he doesn’t have your interests at heart.”


In October of 2017, the women’s movements solidified their voices. Their surge of expressive power brought truth to us all, changing the reality of the world forever.

This fall the trend toward exposing truths will continue . . . yet again, disrupting business as usual.

For those of us living a more conscious life in which we care about all living beings including the planet, we will want to recognize, and take advantage of, this cycle of time. Don’t forget, you are here to change the world. Use the energy of the time and make your mark now.


This fall cycle, be a part of the movement transforming the American ideal.

  • Be authentic and live your truth
  • Change your life to accommodate your ideals
  • Speak up on behalf of the greater good

As you work with this cycle of transparency, you are bringing expanded light onto the planet. In turn, that light reveals more truths, transforming the world into peacefulness.

I’m proud to be with you on the journey to higher being,


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  1. Linda Connelly
    September 25, 2018

    It is so exciting to be on this journey and hear women speaking their truth bringing more transparency to the world and more peace. May it continue and bring a reverence for all life.

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