WHY I LIKE DONALD TRUMP: Let the budding bromance begin


First, before this gets out of hand, I have to say that Donald Trump repulses me. I’ve loathed him for his overly dramatized ignorance for many years long before his presidency.  I mean let’s face it, it doesn’t take a psychic to see that the man is seriously delusional. HOWEVER . . . Who better to talk one megalomaniac off a ledge than another, sparking one of the greatest bromances of all time. The relationship between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un could be the biggest reason Trump needed to become president. Ever since the elections, I’ve had to dig deep to find the beauty in the design. In my world, everything has a divine purpose – even the terrible – that is meant to grow and evolve us. I knew our presidential twist of fate served a purpose we just weren’t seeing yet but  this week we finally learned one of the reasons it was necessary. With the announcement of the unprecedented meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un and the subsequent declaration by Jong-un to end nuclear and missile tests is the greatest outcome we could have hoped for on the world scene.

Nuclear war is a real threat and Kim Jong-un HAD his finger on the button. However, something shifted within Jong-un that caused him to completely alter his objectives.  That shift, was Donald Trump. These figure heads, in many ways, idolize each other. Trump respects Jong-un’s out-of-touch perspective because it matches his own reality-show need for attention. Jong-un respects Trump’s ability to present non-facts as facts and appreciates how he is defrauding the American people. In other words, they are a match made in heaven but we are the ones that will see the ultimate benefits of this bromance coupling.

Jong-un has been given celebrity status which is all he ever wanted and I truly believe only Donald Trump, the king of hype and attention, could have awarded Jong-un his greatest desire. In so doing, Trump has legitimized Jong-un and secured him a place at the global table. Jong-un will now be seen as a serious world leader rather than a child holding his breath until he gets his way. More importantly, Jong-un is now in the hall of fame with such likes as Kim Kardashian, Omarosa, and of course, Donald Trump – and strangely,  because of it, the world can sleep peaceful tonight.

I don’t believe Hillary Clinton could have pulled this off. She has ethics and morals that would have gotten in her way. This is just proof that we cannot eliminate what we perceive as “bad” for “good” because all light and no dark pulls us out of balance same as all dark and no light.  In other words, everything has it’s time and place. So even though we rightly despise narcissism, it’s the only way to reach another narcissist and Donald Trump was the perfect, if not only, man who could take such a stance. This is one of those times to swallow our pride and see the good in something that seeming has no redeeming value. Furthermore, it serves as an example prompting you to 1) embrace all parts of yourself good, bad and indifferent recognizing that every expression has an appropriate time and place. 2) use your intuition to gain a new perspective of your less than perfect relationships or life circumstances. When you can find the good in the bad, healing can take place.


Wishing you a world of peace,



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  1. Suzy
    April 23, 2018

    Fantastic Michelle! Great perspective. I actually needed this very much today regarding both the good and bad in my life. Thank you!

  2. Linda Connelly
    April 24, 2018

    I wondered about the spiritual reason for DT’s election and this makes sense. Now I hope there is a spiritual reason for his impeachment!!!! (Actually I desire transformation for all of us to a world of Love and unity.)

  3. Lois
    May 11, 2018

    As a leadership expert, Trump is exactly what we needed to resolve some serious us and world problems. I admire his negotiations skills, listening to many points of view, and not afraid of conflict to resolve problems. Why are some people only negative about him. We didn’t,t treat previous presidents this way. This is a poor example for our young people as to how to behave. Give him a chance. This negativity is not good for our souls!

    1. Michelle
      May 14, 2018

      Hi Lois, Your comment is appreciated. As an intuitive, I consider myself to not just be a leadership expert but a fellowship expert as well, and unfortunately, our current president is far too divisive, ignorant and corrupt to be an effective leader, let alone get people on the same page. Like I said in my article, I believe Trump serves a purpose and that purpose should be played out as it is causing Americans to wake up and see the truth in their political system – which was been broken long before Trump came along. I also gave him credit for the North Korea situation because who else can relate to the power hungry. However, if we as Americans do not stand up and voice our concerns about our “leadership” (otherwise known as personal agendas) than we are not doing our job and should throw out our constitution. But remember, free press is ESSENTIAL to our ways of being. Our voices keep the power hunger in check. The poor example our young people are getting, is that we are not all taking to the street in protest over the our health care that is run by big pharma and insurance companies that only care about profit and not people. Our children eat nothing but possessed foods laden with Monsanto pesticides that are not just killing the bees but us too (just ask the Europeans). And don’t get me started on our purposely inept educational system designed to keep people from thinking for themselves. The world is both positive and negative. If we just want to gloss over the bad in lieu of the good, we are fooling ourselves. We need to be angry and voice our discontent – that is – if we still want to be the great America we think we are. Thank you.

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