January 19, 2018


I remember long ago when I worked in the corporate arenas how most people, both men and women, found empowerment by asserting their way simply for the sake of getting their way regardless of what was truly needed. Honestly, this is why I stopped working for corporations. That type of empowerment never felt right to me as it only created divisiveness and poor product, which seemed counter-intuitive to what I thought we were trying to create.

So just what is empowerment and how is it achieved? In an effort to help you understand what true empowerment looks like and can create, below are 3 keys toward empowerment and the 3 keys that cause dis-empowerment for your to consider.


  1. Know your Self – The first part to empowerment is knowing your Self. This means not just following what others tell you but discovering who you are and what you personally believe. When you know what you believe, you feel a sense of pride in yourself and don’t need others to approve of or validate you.
  2. Speak your truth – Secondly, empowerment is about knowing your truths and being able to speak them openly whether you get your way or not. When you can speak honestly, your heart and ego are at peace and your communications are agenda free and real which unites and bonds individuals.
  3. See all perspectives – Lastly, empowerment is the ability to see all perspectives with the understanding that all peoples’ truths are correct whether you believe them or not. When you have this understanding, you don’t just want your way, you want what is in the best interest of all and can make well informed higher decisions that benefit the whole.


  1. Not speaking up – Hearing something that doesn’t seem right to you and not speaking up as this only creates distrust in your Self and a sense that you are not “right.”
  2. Believing what others tell you – Letting others tell you what your truth is without finding out what you personally believe as this creates uncertainty in your Self making it difficult to make your life decisions.
  3. Seeing only your side of things – Believing that there is only one truth – yours – and insisting on having your way simply for the sake of needing attention and the power of being “right.” This type of dis-empowerment creates divisiveness with others and little getting accomplished.


If you want to be empowered, get to know who you are, learn to speak your truths and see all perspectives as equal. This type of empowerment makes for excellent leadership, cooperation and compassion. . .  the very things we need more of in this world.


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