October 8, 2017

UNCERTAINTY: Why your intuition shouldn’t always work

How do you know if your intuition is working?

Because life will perfectly unfold before you with no effort or hardship…right?

What if the answer is wrong?

People tell me all the time that they feel their intuition has let them down. It led them into the wrong relationship, the wrong career, even the wrong behaviors as if intuition should magically make us perfect. However, that doesn’t seem to be how intuition works.

It’s often thought that because I’m a highly adept intuitive, I have life completely figured out and that I’m always on my path and thriving without care.

If only!

Here is what you need to consider… Intuition is not about ensuring that you get everything “right” and never stray off path. Rather, intuition serves to bring us into the experiences we need in order to grow into our greater healing, path and purpose which sometimes means experiencing difficulty so you come to know more about yourself.

Think of it like this…if you knew you were going into a relationship that would break your heart, you likely wouldn’t engage in it. Yet in not engaging you would inadvertently miss out on learning the depth of your emotions and ability to love as well as the patterns you wish to change based on what worked for you in the relationship versus what did not work.

You grow through trial and error and intuition sometimes leads you there because it knows you need the lesson in order to have what you really want in life. Therefore, blaming your intuition for leading you into difficult circumstances is like killing the messenger for doing his job.

So embrace uncertainty…see what your intuition wants to teach you…then grow and expand in any way you desire.


Michelle DesPres


Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!



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