April 7, 2017

Seed your ideal life

How do you manifest your reality?

It’s easy to forget that energy creates matter and that at times you have to direct the energy through your thoughts, visualizations and intentions if you want to coalesce enough of it to manifest what you want in physical form.

Luckily for you…This is one of those times.

There are certain cycles of time when giving vision and thought to what you desire is more supported by the energetic universe than usual. Spring is one of those periods.

Below is an intuitive practice to help you take advantage of this cycle.



This week and over the next couples of weeks, take time out to be still and visualize the life you desire.

However before you begin, keep this in mind…as you are visualizing what you want…health, wealth, well being…make sure that your emotions and feelings match your desires….why?

You have to believe you can have what you visualize otherwise you’ll manifest the opposite…or what you are really feeling.

  • Try this…Feel the difference between lack and prosperity. Imagine being in lack and then imagine being in prosperity. Can you feel the difference? Which feeling do you think better supports your desires?


As you visualize your ideal circumstances over the next few weeks, make sure your thoughts and feelings are of a higher order…even if you don’t believe it…fake it till you make it and feel it anyway…emotions are the magnetizing force of the energetic universe…Don’t forget that.


Here is one of the best ways I’ve found to do this type of energetic maintenance so you can stay on track with all you desire.

  1. First, get still and centered in your mind.
  2. Then…rather than looking at every aspect of your life in detail and trying to feel good about it, use symbolism to represent the elements of your life as symbolism is the language of the energetic universe.
  3. Start by envisioning a garden…your garden.
  4. This garden can be anywhere you desire, can easily host plants and vegetation and supports all your life circumstances, potentials and desires.
  5. But as this is springtime, your garden is in need of maintenance before it can reach its peak. The first thing your garden needs is to have any old or dead foliage removed. Check in with your garden and start that process now and symbolically tell the universe to let go of what is no longer viable as you are ready for new growth. As you release, be sure and hold the feeling of:
    • SATISFACTION…be grateful for all that was.
  6. Once you’ve removed the old, take a moment and bring in new, rich and loamy soil and till it into your garden symbolizing your desire for new opportunity, fulfillment and support. As you till, be sure and hold the feeling of:
    • OPTIMISM…what can your garden become?
  7. Once your garden has been cleaned and tilled, you are ready to symbolically plant the seeds of your ideal life.
  8. Envision a large packet of seeds that represents all you desire…a happy family, love, a fulfilling career, wonderful friends, good health, making a difference, etc…all the things that are important to you and begin planting them anywhere within your garden.
  9. Remember, as you plant your seeds be sure to hold your higher thoughts and feelings…be open to potential, prosperity and having more than you think is possible.
  10. When you finish planting your seeds, envision all of nature looking over your garden…the sun will shine on it, the rain will water it, the bees will pollinate your garden, etc. Just envision nature taking care of your garden symbolically showing trust that the universe supports your desires.
  11. End by constructing a fence around your garden so no pests get in and in that sense symbolically protect your desires so you are giving them their best chance for growth.


Over the next few weeks, check in with your vision and see how your garden is growing or if it needs weeding or other maintenance..but most importantly…apply these gardening ideals to your everyday life:

  • Don’t be afraid to let something go that no longer brings you fulfillment and joy.
  • Seek out new experiences, groups and ideas.
  • Have boundaries and protect yourself from people or events that don’t support your higher feelings, thoughts and desires.


If you want your desires to manifest, you have to live your inner reality in your outward circumstances.

Have fun with this technique…AND…as always:

  • Please let me know how this intuitive tool works for you and what you discover when using it.
  • Respond with your comments and let me know what you want to know.
  • Share this with your friends and loved ones so they can have their growth too.


Thank you and take care

Michelle DesPres


Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!


Want to know more about your intuition and how it can improve your life and the lives of others?



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