December 1, 2016

My #1 Secret Weapon for Surviving the Holiday Season

The reason depression and anxiety spike at this time of year is because the ideas of family, money and increased expectations trigger our limitations, woundings and fears. It’s easy to feel like it’s all too much…just as easy as it is to take your frustrations out on those around you.

Yet, all things considered the holiday season is short and there is no reason to let our past pains and current worries surface in ways that could have life-long impact which is why I wanted to share with you my #1 secret weapon for surviving the holiday season…or what I refer to as the CIVC approach.

The CIVC approach is simple yet produces amazing results. I’m not going to say that it’s always easy to do because I have family and expectations too and know this is going to take some effort on your part. However, it is gentle and will help open you to the splendor of the holiday spirit.



  • C             Crown
  • I              Innocence
  • V             Vulnerability
  • C             Compassion


CROWN – Your 7th Chakra, or crown, sits just above your head and regulates your attitudes and behaviors amongst other things. Being aware of and taking charge of your crown by recognizing what attitudes are best in any given situation is what allows you to create your desired outcomes. Once you understand that you can take charge of your experiences by monitoring your actions and reactions, you can then set your crown to whatever behavior suites the situation best…which is what you will do next.

INNOCENCE –In regards to the holidays, innocence is the behavior you want. Why? The holiday makes children of us all. It’s the time when you want to be in wonder and awe of all that is possible, like a child, as innocence is the energy that creates miracles. The way I like to set my crown to the attitude of innocence is by finding the color that feels like innocence to me – maybe it’s yellow or blue – and then I envision a halo, or crown above my head, and I make it the color of innocence – it’s that simple. Go ahead and find your color for innocence and put it in your crown now – remember, you can never do these things wrong, whatever works for you is correct.

VULNERABILITY – This is a difficult energy for most adults to embrace, especially if they were emotionally wounded in childhood, because it feels weak and as if you are at the mercy of others. Yet vulnerability is your greatest gift. Vulnerability opens the door of receiving and support. I know we all like to think we can do everything for ourselves but that’s not really true. If you are not open to receiving, you will limit the greatness the universe can bring you that can create circumstances better than you could have created for yourself. Plus…in the next step will be giving your innocence and vulnerability some protection so you don’t feel as though you are out there for everyone to trample on. Find your color for vulnerability and layer it atop the innocence in your crown now.

COMPASSION – This is the most effect form of protection you can invoke as it makes equals out of everyone. Compassion is not a childish quality and when you wrap it around your inner child, no harm can be done. Compassion is formed through experience and wisdom and gets its power from the ability to see the higher perspective in all circumstances. When higher understanding is achieved, peace naturally unfolds as you move out of opposition and into cooperation. For instance, rather than going back into my past feelings of how poorly my mother raised me and calling it to her attention at the Christmas table, compassion allows me to see the bigger picture. My mother was abused as a child and simply didn’t know how to break the cycle. That type of higher understanding helps me to find compassion for her so I don’t dwell on things long past that I’ve healed and changed. So don’t let the stress of the holidays provoke an unnecessary exchange and don’t let compassion fool you, it’s not about letting others take advantage of you, it’s about knowing which battles to pick or not pick while at the same time feeling good about yourself and your intentions. Find your color for compassion and put it atop the innocence and vulnerability in your crown now.


Now that you have your crown set to innocence, vulnerability and compassion, notice how you feel. Most people describe feeling lighter, more content and less on edge. But don’t just take my word for it, test it out for yourself.

Invoke my CIVC approach and go shopping, stop in at the post office, get dolled up for the holiday party, attend your neighbors open house, run to the grocery story, bake all night, cook all day and see what happens around you and how you feel about the experience you are having and then report back. My bet is that you will have a happier holiday overall.





Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!


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