June 8, 2016

SERVICE TO SELF: A selfless gesture that accommodates ALL

Do you know the difference between selfishness versus service to self?

I recall a family member once getting upset with me because I had elected to take my children and move an hour away from home. I was told I was being selfish and not thinking about the rest of my family’s needs. I remember rolling my eyes and saying, “Why do you think I’m moving away.”

The truth was it was simply not healthy for me to continue to let myself be guilted into fixing everyone’s problems. They might have seen that as selfish but I saw it as healthy and expansive for everyone. And now, thanks to my work as a clairvoyant, I know that in that moment I was not being selfish but being in service to myself.

The easiest way to understand the difference is to know where each expression originates. For example, selfishness is an express of the ego and mental body, were as service to self is an expression of spirit and grace.In that sense, selfishness is a thought form that is driven by the need to be separate and superior while service to self is driven by the desire to live a higher, more balanced and holistic life that is more about what is best for the whole then just the individual.

When I moved away, it was an act of service to myself. To think I could fix or “heal” my family was a fallacy that was causing me distress. I had come to realize that each person was responsible for healing themselves and that by me trying to assume responsibility for their issues meant they were not growing. Instead, they were being selfish in thinking they couldn’t do for themselves.

My move was not only in consideration of my personal sanity, but I was also considering the fact that my children needed a healthy example of support and care and my family needed to learn to stop relying on me to fix them so they could overcome their obstacles.

When you are selfish, you don’t care how your actions affect others but when you are in service to self your actions, although self-propelled, are in service to the highest and greatest good for all. Don’t be afraid to point this out to others when they don’t understand that your need to be “selfish” in their eyes is a good thing.



Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!


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  1. I like that and is a good reminder of the difference between selfish and service to self.

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