March 2, 2016

IMAGINATION: Did you burn your bridge between intellect and intuition?

Everyone wants magical powers yet most people I meet through my work have no idea that their imagination is the most powerful and wise magic they will ever possess.

In our culture, imagination is not something we teach people to use. In fact, as we grow we are discouraged from using the our imaginations as if it were something reserved only for childhood. Yet without imagination we cannot properly heal, relate, or create the fulfilling lives we desire.


Imagination connects both hemispheres of the brain and allows you to receive intuitive wisdom so you can build intellectual structures that accommodate and sustain you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’ll explain…

First…the intellectual part of your mind is not responsible for perceiving something new…it’s job it to manifest, or create structure from what it knows. For example…when you are sick, your intellect searches the mind to do what knows to do whether that alleviates the symptoms or not.

Secondly….the Intuitive part of your mind is not responsible for physically creating your desires…it’s job is to access universal knowledge so you can introduce something new to the intellect that it was not able to consider. For example…if your sickness persists, you can ask your intuition to show you what you do not know like if your sickness is emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual and then you will know if you just need to wait it out or recognize that the mental strain of the job you won’t let go of is causing you physical distress.

AND… the way the intellect and intuition work together is through IMAGINATION! 

Imagination is the bridge that allows information to flow between the intellect and intuition. If you shut down your imagination, you burn our bridge to anything new and are no longer unsustainable.

It’s imperative that you foster your imagination both by allowing yourself to daydream and send your greatest desires out to the universe as well as using your imagination to see what the universe sends back as images, sensations and ideas that you may not have considered but will allow you to create a life greater than you knew possible.

If you are not using your imagination, you are not really living. Start now…daydream and be aware!



Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!

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