October 6, 2015

GRATITUDE: Why it’s hard to maintain

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This week’s word: Gratitude

We hear so often about the importance of practicing gratitude as a means of creating more of the life we desire. We know that the vibrational essence of gratitude allows us to attract experiences of a higher caliber which ultimately leads to greater fulfillment. So why then is gratitude so difficult to maintain? Why is it not second nature and therefore easy to accomplish?

Because gratitude is more than being grateful for the fluffy things in life…Gratitude also means being grateful for the not so pretty things too.

Most people fear and turn away from what they perceive as bad and only give to the lighter side of life and then wonder why life isn’t unfolding or going their way. However, in order to maintain the levels of gratitude necessary to effectively create the life you desire, you must also be grateful for the darker, heavier, not so wonderful things in your life (without needing to push them way) as they too are responsible for bringing you blessing you just don’t fully understand in the moment.

It’s in our greatest trials we learn our greatest lessons and can therefore grow and evolve ourselves and our circumstances. Having gratitude for ALL that is happening, good, bad and indifferent, is the key to maintaining an attitude of gratitude which is what you need to if you want to create the rich, full, thriving and inspired life you desire.

So remember…Life isn’t about maintain pristine circumstances, it’s about learning from your experiences and growing…and if you are grateful for ALL your experiences, you will minimize your hardships and maximize your successes.

And as always…be the TRUE YOU!



Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!

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