August 31, 2015

ENGAGE: Time to make it happen!

TRUE YOU: Intuitive Living Word of the Week

This week’s word: Engage

What does it mean to engage and what is it you are engaging?

Take a step back for a moment and remember what you initiated in springtime. What where you ready to release and recreate? For instance if you were tired of your job and ready to start a new career, what types of thoughts did you have about what you would like to do in its place? What were your ideas about finding something more fulfilling?

Over the spring and summer, you’ve had time to contemplate and explore your many options. Now with autumn, it’s time to engage that which still holds water.

This is the time to be sending out resumes, getting on the phone, networking socially, and talking to friends and family about what you want. By doing so, you are engaging the creation of what you want. But here is the trick…when you show up in these places with these people, you have to be real. You can’t just show up looking pretty yet saying nothing in the hopes someone else will say, “I have no idea who you are but I wonder if you are looking for a job?” that’s not going to happen. But if you are real and you show up as you and when they ask you what you do you say, “I’m so excited about the new directions I’m going in like how I’m changing careers from this to that if you know of anyone who needs my skills.” …people will respond because they will know how to help.

Do you see the difference? If you are not actively and authentically engaging the creation process, no one will know how to assist you and you will not be able to manifest what you desire.

But know this too…the universe is always working on your behalf and the minute you bring your ideas out of your mind and into the physical world, more opportunities than just the ones in front of you become available. Suddenly, your action steps allow the universe to bring things to you from out of the blue that you never thought of and might be more of what you want in the long run.

So your trick for the next 3 months is to be engaging in your life and the opportunities you’ve created as well as watching for greater possibilities you’d never considered before and engaging those as well.

Should you be brave enough to begin engaging the life you want, come winter you will have taken a significant step toward realizing your dreams.


Have a wonderful week. And as always…Be the TRUE YOU!


Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!

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