August 24, 2015

BE PRESENT: Or be in denial!

It is said that the present moment is the only moment in which we create our lives. Most people think being present means being in the moment not focused on worries, or projects, not thinking about the past, or the future and simply being calm and still with all that is happening around you regardless of the chaos it may be and that this is how you create the balanced life you seek. But being present in this way is more equivalent to denial than rising above.

Being present means being aware of what is driving your reactions in any moment and then choosing the ones that create what you want out of life now and in the long run.

For instance, say you are at a family dinner and your aunt is making light of all your perceived short comings…in that moment you have a few reactions driving you:

  1. Pretend you’re not upset and be still and calm until you get home to Ben and Jerry.
  2. Fling mashed potatoes at her prior to storming out of the room.
  3. Say, “Thank you Aunt Milley for helping us all understand that no one is perfect but what you are saying is upsetting me and I’d like to put this on hold until we can talk about it in private.”


Which of these present moment situations would create the dynamic you want in the long run?

The key to being present is to find the reaction in the present that creates the kind of life that reflects your highest truths now and always.

Definitely be present but show up in your life by being aware of what is driving you and create the life you want in the present.


Have a wonderful week. And as always…Be true to you!


Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant medium and life strategist helping you learn to be the TRUE YOU!

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