Show Up for What You Desire

Why doesn’t the “Universe” just give us what we want when we want it?

Magic sphereBecause it takes more than wishful thinking to manifest our desires.

If you are tired of trying to create change in your life but are finding it difficult to bring around, this is the video for you.

There is a need to show up in your own life. a need to take inspired action toward what you desire. So the trick to getting the Universe to bring us what we want is to know how to intuit when its your turn to take action and when it’s the Universe’s turn to respond.

Manifesting is actually easy. You just have to know the give and take of it.

In this week’s Intuitive Living video, I explain how to intuitively determine when it’s your turn to create your life and when it’s the Universe’s time to bring you better than you could have expected.


Show Up For What You Desire

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  1. Tina
    December 3, 2014

    I’m interested in seeing your video thanks!

    1. Michelle DesPres
      December 4, 2014

      Thank You! I enjoy putting the information out.

  2. Heather
    December 5, 2014

    What is the feeling of “not wanting to say ti out loud so as not to jinx it’ about?

    1. Michelle DesPres
      December 5, 2014

      Good question, Heather.
      First of all, most of us have a fear of speaking our truth and asking for what we want because we don’t believe others will support us. We are afraid of rejection and in that sense don’t want to jinx ourselves so we remain quiet. However, there is also a deep metaphysic understanding that words carry weight. Words, in the form of our thoughts, feelings and utterances, create our reality. We know that if we speak a truth outwardly then suddenly we are responsible for it which lends to the idea that sometimes “talk is cheap.”

      If you’re all talk and no action, rarely do things manifest. It’s a collaboration between us and the universe – we give and take and it gives and takes. But our spirits know that when we speak of what we want outwardly, we’re going to have to then support the collaboration we just initiated with the universe. So it is best not to speak until we are ready to follow it up or we are jinxing ourselves and self-sabotaging our desires to create and our talk becomes cheap.

      Yet remember, at some point you must speak it outwardly in order for it to become a reality. So the way to balance that fear of being jinxed is to share with those who are supportive, at least in the beginning, but only once you are prepared to begin working with the universe to bring things to fruition… watching and seeing what is being presented that you might follow or incorporate from the universe that is meant to bring you what you may not know you need while at the same time intuitively following your own lead and making your desires a reality.

      So… if there is a feeling of not wanting to jinx yourself, check in and see if you don’t have a fear of change because deep down you know that if you speak it openly things really have the capacity to shift. Are you ready?

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