May 1, 2014

Envisioning the Wonder of What If

4277814651_36c29408da_mI’m a North West girl by nature but I’m finding myself going South East these days. Consequently, all my foundations have been uprooted, flipped, and are crumbling away at the same time they are being rebuilt in a dramatic release and surrender of all that no longer holds my highest and greatest good – whether I wanted it to go away or not. Interestingly, things I thought were certain are turning out not to be and things I thought were unachievable are turning out to be real. As a result, I’m feeling both the pain and the pleasure of the loss, uncertainty, growth and  opportunity. It’s manic as the future is still largely unknown but what I am finally able to see that I wasn’t able to see before has brought me into a state of awe, wonder and elation for myself and the future I have at my command.

4609069919_2b3a812e1b_mWhen we’ve only known what we’ve known, how can we imagine anything different? We tend to cling to the past and how things once were because we cannot comprehend the potentials that exist beyond our understanding. Fearful of reaching beyond, we settle for less, safe, tried and true whether that really fits us or not. However, I’m not sure the universe is letting us get away with that anymore. The past is over and rarely is it easy to break old patterns that keep us down but that which needs to go away today will go away and if we insist on holding onto it we will take the hit in other ways be it physically, mentally, financially – you name it. Many of our foundations from the past simply no longer apply because they no longer hold our highest good and it’s time to embrace something new albeit unknown. But what if the unknown was better than anything we could every imagine? That is what I’ve seen that we have access to today if only we are willing to be courageous and live our truth. To quote the great prophet Paul Simon, “these are the days of miracle and wonder.” If we are willing to live our most authentic truth and walk the path of our passions, there is no telling the magnificent things we can enact and experience now but to be certain we will never know until we try.

2352618961_7667191970_mHow real can we be in our lives? Can we claim that which we desire? Can we give vision to that which we feel is impossible? These are the days of miracle and wonder and they come to us when we have the courage to be real and ask “what if” and then allow ourselves to wonder as wonder is the key to attracting our highest good. For example, notice the wonder you feel as you ask yourself these questions…

What if getting laid off work allowed me to follow my passion and find success doing what I love?

What if this was the year I met my equal, my partner, my love and we began sharing our lives?

What if my family was contented, personally responsible and we all loved each other unconditionally?

8645901176_61df2dbc7c_z“What if” is the question we should all be asking ourselves now. If we only look at the past and say “why” and never look at the future and ask “what if”, we’ll only attract what we’ve always known. Yet by embracing our desires and asking “what if”, we pull ourselves out of grief, stagnation and uncertainty and propel ourselves into joy, possibility and opportunity. And believe me I know It’s not easy to believe that we could create our desires simply by invoking new thoughts and speaking new words, but remember it’s not about the words or thoughts its about the feelings. It’s our feelings that magnetize to us our reality and the more we hold the wonder of “what if” the more we will experience it in our lives. We don’t have to believe it could be true we just have to wonder and then let those feelings bring to us something greater than we can see for ourselves.

4373811197_eb306bc8a2_mThe endings occurring in our lives today are happening so that we are available for greater potentials and circumstances we haven’t had access to before. As we live our truth, face our fears and let go of that which is no longer serving our highest and greatest good, we are surrendering to infinite possibility. There is no need to continue cycling through lower experiences that keep us down. Ask what if and choose to be in wonder and watch as the universe unfolds to bring you better than you could have expected.

Michelle DesPres



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  1. I totally resonate with this. There’s some kind of major shift happening because old ways are disintegrating for many people all around us. By surrendering, I feel a new kind of beautiful energy arising. By practicing compassion, fear dissolves, making room for love to grow. These are amazing times we are in. It’s wild and it can be scary, and that’s when I find that trusting in God and letting everything go allows an unexplainable magic to flow.

    1. Yes Mike, I agree. Practicing compassion is key and we should be offering that to ourselves as much as we do to others. Thanks!

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