March 20, 2014

The Light Within – A Princess’ Story (Fairy Tales for the No Longer Fractured Female)

7121747205_ef8cbbc317How does one go from hopeless to hopeful? How does one go from lost to found? How does one go from loneliness to love? Mirabella was a princess. She was the kind of princess other women wanted to be – beautiful, kind, sweet, compassionate, and uplifting. Her first concern was always the happiness of others, unfortunately, rarely was that returned. As a girl, Mirabella lived in a castle. It was a dark and isolating castle that her mother called a home although Mirabella had no claim to it. Mirabella’s mother was a dragon and she always made known that the castle was too small for them both and that Mirabella was only allowed to live there but was never to call it home. You see Mirabella lived under the dragon’s roof and the dragon would threaten to displace the princess if ever she made a wrong move. But Mirabella never let this upset her; princesses are stronger than that and they always take the higher path. Instead, she learned to smile the kind of smile that made the dragon happy but disguised Mirabella’s pain and behind the veneer she created a kingdom. It was a beautiful land full of singing, dancing, joy and love and all Mirabella’s friends wanted to reside there too but only because they had no idea there was a dragon lurking near by. Of course like all brave princesses, Mirabella was willing to suffer for the greater good never letting on that her kingdom was in constant peril and so no one ever knew the truth of the dragon and the home.

2167149428_8f9a5c242eAs Mirabella grew, so the kingdom grew until the lie became the truth and the truth the lie. Soon Mirabella couldn’t see the difference and her worlds began to collide. The dragon had become increasingly more dangerous breathing her fire at every turn and when Mirabella tried to smile her façade of a grin, instead she found a wall made of anger and stone. The wall was tall, taller than the tallest of buildings in the world and served to protect the princess from the fire breathing dragon. But what Mirabella didn’t know was that the wall had also cornered her in, constricting her flow. As the wall grew bigger and bigger Mirabella’s heart withered more and more, unable to find its beat and reasons for living. But the pain in the princess’ heart was intensely numbing and she was unaware of the severity of the situation and soon no longer felt her heart and had forgotten it existed at all. Without her heart, Mirabella’s kingdom grew dreary and overrun with weeds, pests and various other vermin and mites. The kingdom had become a breeding ground for all that was dark, desolate, unyielding, and dry. Yet, still the princess tried to smile in pretend, attempting to maintain higher ground, until the bitter end.

4864219306_a64b1ecf54The dragon was on a rampage greater than any before. Mirabella was caught in the crossfire unable to escape the wrath and the fall. With only her dying kingdom, a suitcase and the clothes on her back, the princess was banished out of the home and sent to make her way in a land she knew nothing about. Still smiling a lie, Mirabella sought the kindness of strangers. But the strangers were not royal and resented her prestige as they felt it made them small. While at the mercy of the unkind, the princess was soon stripped of her crown causing her to forget her royal lineage and to leave behind her authority to command her kingdom. Disempowered in the world, Mirabella lost her beauty and soon began to believe she was ordinary and should expect nothing more than the dregs others felt inclined to shed. And then on day she met a man. He was a kind man, or so she thought, and almost felt a stirring in her heart. The man took her in giving her a home but soon she would see that this home too was not her own. Just like the dragon, the man only gave if his needs were first met. In order for Mirabella to keep the roof over her head, she would need to cook, clean and fend for the man. However, as much as the princess smiled and as much as she cooked, cleaned and tended she could never appease the man as his standards shifted and bended without rhyme or reason.

4751127923_75449b998eUnable to make him happy, Mirabella was once again exiled out into the world only this time she took nothing with her, not her suite case, not her smile not even the kingdom she once held dear. The harshness hit her hard. The world was colder than before or maybe it was just that Mirabella’s heart had simply gotten small, if it even existed at all. Much time passed as the cold became colder freezing any feelings and reminders of who the princess once was. No mirror in the world could reveal her fairest spirit and so Mirabella lost touch with the beauty of her nature. Far removed from the truth and living only in the lie, Mirabella decided to let go of this life she felt was only destined to make her cry. Death made her smile her first smile in years as she stood at the edge about to make her fall when suddenly there was a whisper, faint and small. It seemed to come from insider her, perhaps from the empty space where her heart once rested. “You are a princess, my dear. Don’t forget who you are.” The voice enlightened as the winds grew strong and the rains began to fall blowing her back and washing her soul. It was true. Mirabella was a princess! How could she let this world tear her down? Abandoning her ledge, the princess walked back to town and into a shop to find a new crown.

3515564791_5eb6d3b696The higher road Mirabella once again made her own, leaping and bounding without a care and without a thrown. As she made her way, she found comfort in helping others find the truth for themselves which was their beauty within. You see they too were royals they just didn’t know it and soon the princess recognized she was at home. Amongst her people, her smile returned truer than blue allowing her to bring her kingdom into the world where the sun shown brightly and the flowers grew tall. Yet still something wasn’t right, something needed to be seen but the princess didn’t know where to go looking for this unknown thing. Until the day a prince showed up and Mirabella’s heart sparked a new light and she could finally see what she’d been missing.

4716934674_ee29ceff51Mirabella and her prince lived, loved and laughed together for what seemed an eternity. Happiness was their foundation and adventure their grounding. Mirabella was free and her heart sang a song, a song so wondrous it could never be wrong.  And so it was that the princess never looked back, never lost her smile and never gave up hope ever again.

I never believed in fairy tales before but recently I realized I needed to tell myself a new story. This is the story I’m now choosing to live. What story are you telling yourself? Can you let yourself believe in the fairy tale?

Happily Every After – Michelle DesPres

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