January 3, 2014

Intuition Saves Time While Opening Us to Greater Possibilities

7175133946_26ef268d47It didn’t matter to me that it was January 1st. I was ready to get to work. I’d had a long enough holiday break and the only thing I could think of was finding a cozy coffeehouse and settling in for a day of writing. Interestingly, as I was pulling out of my garage I had a vision of when I once owned a coffee shop. The vision was one of making the decision not to open on new years. I felt that my employees deserved a break. Still I didn’t consider why I was having that vision until I arrived at my favorite coffeehouse only to find it closed. I’m always amazed how even after ten years of honing my psychic abilities that I still don’t always trust in my impressions. If I had taken just two seconds to simply question why I was having that vision as opposed to any other, I may have realized I should call first to see if the shop was open before driving there only to be disappointed. Furthermore, I may have also realized sooner that it wasn’t a day for working as I never did find a place to get in my groove and had to abandon my plan after wasting several hours trying to force my agenda on business wanting a day off. Not very productive!

4163976843_16a7fdb313It’s always easier to preach but practicing is a different animal. Simply given the magnetic elements of our shifting times, it’s more important than ever to follow our intuitions so we can be moved in the directions best for us. New potentials are abounding today that we may not be able to conceptualize on our own and it’s our intuition that will lead us to our new opportunities. Unfortunately, trusting and giving ourselves permission to follow our instincts isn’t always easy but is apparently something we should change today.

4240063512_b2379b7b5cInterestingly, I was prompted to go to the coffeehouse the next day on the 2nd. I first thought that maybe I would find a coffee shop closer to my house but I could only see myself at my favorite place. Despite the drive I decided to make the trek. Yet, what I found was not at all what I expected. This shop is a place I frequent often mostly for its comfort, warmth and isolation. I never see people I know. However, at the shop I would run into three different people all of whom I needed to speak with or run ideas by. I found it very synchronistic. If I had been at the shop the day before, I would never have gone again the following day. Consequently, I would not have connected with these people in the ways we obviously needed to that are now leading us to greater opportunities.

10868700663_17bef0f9deTelepathy and synchronicity are on the upswing and intuition is the faculty that allows these elements to come together for our greater good. Whether we recognize it or not, we are being given subtle energetic clues such as feelings, visions, and inner dialogues meant to bring us into alignment with experiences that expand and grow us. The tricks are to listen, trust and follow – not an easy thing to do when we are used to orchestrating every element of our lives. However, my recent intuitive experience has prompted me to decide to make following my intuition one of my year long endeavors as I recognize how getting out of my own way can lead to greater things than I can conceive which is the point today – showing up for a life greater than we can expect.

Happy Intuiting!!

Michelle DesPres

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