December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice 2013 Inner Energetic Climate Forecast – Envisioning a New Reality

 6790834651_6f6c0b8e05At the same time the earth became smaller with the invention of the internet our personal worlds became larger expanding exponentially beyond our limited perspectives. In an instant, we went from only knowing our neighbors across the street to establishing friendships with our neighbors on the other side of the world. Hearing of people’s lives in exotic regions, learning first hand of their beliefs and understandings, and comparing and contrasting their reality with our own. Yet there were ramifications of this expansion that we didn’t expect. Quickly we learned that what we’ve been told of the world and her people isn’t necessarily correct. People’s first stance isn’t hate, aggression and war – that’s their last stance. As the internet connects us across vast distances, we are learning on our own outside of educational structures, religious systems and governmental propaganda that we are all the same. It doesn’t matter what color, creed or country we live in we all want the same things…Love, peace, harmony, balance, and prosperity. This is our true nature and this is what the winter solstice energy will be initiating in all of us beckoning us to envision a new reality – not just for ourselves but for the world.

8730930781_a9dd2f8b03The human spirit is a beautiful thing. Its potential is purposeful, magical, and ever abundant. This winter solstice our spirits will be brought to the forefront of our lives where they will reside indefinitely. In that sense, a shift in our polarities is occurring. In the past it has been our physical and mental capacities creating our reality, however today it is our spirits and emotions taking the wheel which changes everything. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea how to operate beyond an understanding of our bodies which is why we are seeing so much friction and chaos in people. Their minds can’t conceive what their spirit knows to be true; that the world is beautiful, kind, and loving. And rather than letting their spirits enact this reality, they hold on to the old paradigm trying desperately to validate it by creating death, destruction and fear. This is why events like school shootings are on the increase. However, there is a science to our spirits we just haven’t had the benefit of that education in our culture but it is something we can all give ourselves right here, right now, today!

 3701520219_9eb1e3f9abLearning about our spirits doesn’t require a teacher which is the real beauty in its design. A person can teach themselves all there is to know about spirit and how it allows us to be separate and individual as well as connected to all things including source and potential. Through a meditative process of questioning and listening, one can learn all the secrets of the universe. Its a process that enlightens, empowers, and compels one to higher living which comprises of love, peace, harmony and balance holistically (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Part of our realignment this winter solstice means engaging in this self-education which quite honestly takes years of discovery and practice before mastering. Nevertheless, we have to start sometime and the time is absolutely now! But just because we don’t have mastery over our spirits yet doesn’t mean we can’t start envision a new reality for ourselves.

8303780929_56eb93fa02The science of spirit is simple and one of its basic principles is that thought is what generates form. What we think we become. I’ve been playing with this theory for years and it never ceases to amaze me. As a matter of fact, last year’s holiday season was not a pleasant one for me. To be truthful, the holidays have always been a difficult time for me. I didn’t have a close family growing up and I’ve always felt a bit abandoned at the holidays. But last year I reached my end with this expression. After having experienced yet again a holiday season I was no longer willing to endure, I began to sit and envision the holidays in a different way. Let me be clear… I didn’t envision the people in my life changing, I envisioned myself engaging in the feeling of the holidays differently. I envisioned connection, love, joy and merriment with the people in my life allowing that to happen in any way shape or form the universe could provide. I didn’t know how it could happen I just knew I needed to experience something different from the holidays and this was the theory that was supposed to change it all. Throughout the entire year I gave this vision my love, gratitude, and joy for the highest of outcomes. Still as the holidays were approaching I was hesitant, “Why should anything be different then years past?”  However, what I’ve experienced this season has been nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. Suddenly, my son and his wife and daughter moved back to Colorado sparking an early holiday season that began with Halloween. Since then I have been engaged in pumpkin patch picking, holiday baking, decorating and designing, hell I even dressed up and let a my sweetheart take me to the Governor’s Ball for Christmas. To say the least, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the holidays and it’s all because I chose to see them differently this year and so my reality followed suit. And really…changing our realities is that simple. This isn’t the first time I’ve had success in testing this theory.

9891788715_a0ae1d05caWe don’t have to have a Ph.D in spirit to create a new reality we only need envision the highest of good. So to be very clear, now is not the time to envision from our fears which is what we are conditioned to do. Now, is the time to envision from our truth – that place of peace, love, and joy that knows life to be healthy, vibrant, happy and thriving. This is what our spirits can create if only we are willing to allow them.


Happy Solstice!

Michelle DesPres

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