December 2, 2013

The Gift of Being Real – Asking for What You Want This Holiday Season

4289850727_1768c18447Every year at Christmastime my father asks me what I want and every year I tell him the same thing…nothing. But that’s not to say I don’t want things. I want many things – a new computer, a new car, more time with my family and loved ones, not to mention worldwide love and peace (yes, I really do want world peace). However knowing what I want is one thing, feeling I have the right to ask for what I want is an entirely different story. Except maybe one of the greatest lessons the holidays have to teach us is that it’s not only perfectly acceptable to ask for what we want, we must ask if we want to create the lives we deserve and desire today.

334496782_aa50cd2235Many people experience depression during the holidays in large part because they don’t know how to express their personal needs and desires. Rather, they give themselves away to the expectations and desires of others. Yet this is exactly what the holiday season is presenting us with this year – the gift of being real. This time of year certainly teaches us it is better to give than receive. One of life’s greatest joys is to watch our loved ones receive the gifts from our hearts. Yet the holidays serve a dual purpose and lesson in that they also prompt us to ask for what we want causing us to claim the lives we desire…that is as long as we can be real and express what we truly want. And to be sure, there is no better time to be asking than today!

4215292636_414532ac4dIt bears repeating that none of us are the same today. Given the new rotational alignments of both the sun and the earth as of winter solstice 2012, our polarities have magnetically flipped and we’ve shifted into a new aeon of time. In short, this new time takes us out of judgment, competition, and separation and brings us into acceptance, cooperation and union. Sounds great, right? Except one of the side effects we are all experiencing at this time of shift is a sense that our once familiar world no longer exists. We feel a deep need to re-evaluate ourselves in relationship to our ideals, paths, and the people and events in our lives in order to determine who we are at our core and what is or is not serving as an authentic expression of our highest good. We can’t operate from the same motivations today. We are all learning to follow our hearts which isn’t always an easy thing to do.

5232294831_e6e1b29715How many times during this holiday season do you think you will be asked to define what you want from family and friends, as a gift, or even from the New Year? Yet before answering, dig deeper. If you could really ask for what you wanted during this holiday season, could you actually express that to the people in your life? What if you didn’t want turkey this year but you wanted duck, could you express your personal tastes? If you wanted two days with the in-laws instead of five, could you express your need for space? How about wanting a departure from your daily routine, could you ask for a break? Or better yet what if you wanted to let go of your stressful career in lieu of starting your own business, could you ask for the support in doing so from the people in your life? The point being…can you ask for whatever your authentic-self needs and create the life you truly desire? That is our assignment this holiday season.

6581669055_97d4b11ea1It’s time for change. We are being prompted to let go of our lower egoic-superficiality in lieu of living from the authentic expressions of our higher-centered spirits. In other words, it’s time to live from our hearts and be true to ourselves. Believe me I recognize that is it easier to preach rather than practice what one says. However, I do know the benefits of pushing one’s self past the fear of authentic expression and I can tell you it’s only difficult the first time. Be courageous this holiday season and make a commitment to honor your needs and desires as much as you honor the needs and desires of others by asking, from your heart, for what you want and begin creating the life you’ve always desired.

Enjoy the Holidays!

Michelle DesPres


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