November 26, 2013

Why My Two Cents is Worth Twenty Dollars Today

8499205674_8061563dddLong ago in a neighborhood far, far away, I was once married. One of the issues we had was that I felt I was never heard or taken seriously. It was always his way or no way and I was forever commenting that my two cents was only worth a penny to him. He never saw me or what I believed to be of value. Yet as the marriage was ending I realized that it wasn’t that I needed my husband to value me more, it was that I needed to stop the voice inside myself that continually told me I had nothing of value to offer. The truth was deep in my subconscious I believed I was nothing and what I would come to understand as a clairvoyant is that thought becomes form. We are what we think and I had been magnetizing experiences and people to me that validated my belief in unworthiness. However, over the past few days I’ve received an inspiriting message that tells me I have completely changed this self belief and that my two cents is valued at twenty dollars today.

4563225825_08a667938dTen years down the road and over this last weekend in a neighborhood I’m well familiar with I found a penny. It was face up and I was encouraged to pick it up for good luck. Interestingly, later that evening my boyfriend and I found twenty dollars on the floor. We weren’t going to keep it but in the end no one claimed the money. Consequently, in the spirit of higher intention we decided it was best to offer our good fortune to the starving artist who was selling CD’s that evening 2 for $20. I didn’t think about the incident again until I was at the grocery story two days later.

3017591108_ca4054f1dbMy daughter-in-law and I were Thanksgiving shopping. My son won’t eat “crap” meat as he calls it and we had been looking for a quality turkey at a reasonable price for a while. Finally, we had stopped at Sprouts where we found exactly what we were looking for – all natural, fresh, and only $1.39 a pound. We were as pleased as we were ready to be done. However, after reaching the register my senses of frustration and hurry were replaced with the senses of awe and wonder. There again was a penny. Although it’s not unusual to find a random penny, it was as if it were waiting just for me. Interestingly, as I stuck the new penny in my jean pocket I found the penny from the other evening. I pulled it out and as I stared at the pennies I immediately had the impression that my past feelings of unworthiness were gone and that my two cents was worth far more today. But when my total for the turkey came out to be $20, in that moment I knew that I had more than just successfully eliminating my past lower thoughts and circumstances but that I had literally increased my sense of self worth a 1,000 times over the course of the years. It was a powerful feeling to say the least!

8608686516_c29e7e4641The moral of this story is that we are what we identify ourselves to be. If we identify ourselves as capable, we experience power. If we identify ourselves as unworthy, we experience lack. If we identify ourselves as unlovable, we experience disconnect. Like I always say, if we want a new future we have to create it by first changing ourselves. Now is the time to isolate the thoughts that bring us lower experiences and institute higher thoughts that have the potential to bring higher experiences in the long run.

Love SelfThe way I like to retrain a lower thought is to create a new personal mantra (repetitive phrase) meant to replace the old. For instance, I’ll write a mantra on a sticky note something like “My two cents is now worth $20” or “I deserve all the best life has to offer.” and I put it up on my bathroom mirror so I constantly have a reminder of what thought I’m retraining. Then throughout a day, week, month, or year (however long it takes which depends on how ingrained the thought is) I work with the phrase repeating it to myself daily until I feel my emotional charge around the issue change. For example, when I think of worthiness today, I don’t shrink down in shame and feel I can’t have. If anything I feel more entitled or at the very least that I deserve the same respect as others. This is how I know I’ve retrained a thought – I feel different about it and feelings are the magnetizing forces that create our experiences. So I encourage everyone to dig deep today and find the thoughts that are creating lower experiences and begin re-patterning those limiting beliefs into new thoughts and feelings. After all, who knows how much YOUR two cents is worth today!

Have Fun!

Michelle DesPres

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