November 6, 2013

‘Tis the Season to Eat! May Intuition Be Our Guide.


2162630287_012da98e12Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. The food, the family, the friends, even the feel in the air – I love it all but mostly I love the food. The sweets, the meats, the breads, the drinks it’s all far too enticing. However, I have been reading some sobering statistics about American’s and our food processing and consumption habits and what they are doing to our health that are causing me to absolutely reconsider what food I feed my body today and why. As we have reached the season of eating, perhaps it’s more important now than ever to allow our intuition to guide our food choices so we can maintain well being rather than succumbing to the statistics that only lead to the deterioration of our health and well being.


4454701044_eed1cd512cI’ve come across some worrisome studies about obesity in the United States and not just amongst adults but amongst our children too. But we don’t stop at over eating, we are also overly processing our foods with salts, sugars and hormones which we are now understanding is the cause of much of our ill-health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue – the list is long. However most disturbing is that our children are now reaching puberty at ages 7 and 8 as opposed to ages 12 and 13 just years ago. That’s alarming! And we wonder why our children seem overly sexually intrigued at such early ages. Interestingly, we then punish them with shame and rejection for the behavior we created in them – but I digress – it’s a vicious cycle that until we decide to take our intuition seriously will never stop. Health is not our doctors’ jobs – it’s ours.


6970541886_f8c818962aSeveral years ago I had to stop drinking regular milk not because my body was reacting negatively like those who suffer from lactose intolerance but because intuitively my emotions and spirit understood that the hormones in the milk were not healthy for my system. I would go to pick up the regular milk and my body would recoil. It didn’t want what I was going to give it but when I reached for the organic milk my body, mind and spirit were in agreement finding that to be a healthier choice for me. I eventually had to do the same thing with meat. Now having weaned myself off eating heavily processed foods, I have a hard time eating food that isn’t really food. It literally makes me sick and I now realize that my body and spirit are extremely sensitive to their environments which means I have to be more diligent about honoring the intuitive feelings I have about the food my body and spirit prefer in order to maintain optimal health.


8414328431_a7e8a9efcbOur lack of intuitive understanding is exactly why we have the life issues we have today not just in regards to food but with healthcare, education, religion and even the environment. But the great thing is that intuition offers us a solution. If we can simply start to honor our higher perceptions as that part of us that aids us in understanding what is in our best interests physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then we are not subject to outside forces that may causes us ill health. This holiday season, I urge us not to become just another statistic. Rather it’s time we operate intuitively and honor the desires of our bodies and spirits and find enjoyment in all that a healthy, balanced and sustainable life brings.  And so…as our cultural eating frenzy begins, may intuition be our guide.


Happy Thanksgiving – Gobble Gobble (or maybe I should say Tofuky Gobble)!


Michelle DesPres





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