October 24, 2013

Halloween 2013 – Facing our Deepest Fears & Courageously Living Our Truth

Jack-o'-lanterns Face OffWhen I was young, my older sister always made me go ask our mother for the things we wanted – truly a frightening ordeal. My sister was terrified of our mother and for good reason. Our mother was very unreasonable, heavy handed and generally denied us our desires making us feel as if we were unworthy. Our mother’s message was clear…we were not allowed to have aspirations of being anything more than nothing. Still, when my sister would demand that I go ask our mother if we could have a friend stay the night, go see a movie, or play with the neighbors up the street she would convince me to ask by saying “What’s the worst she can do?”, and despite this unknown factor I would do what my sister wanted, bravely approaching the beast and communicating our desires fully willing to suffer the wrath of our mother’s irrationality. Mostly, my bravery resulting in a losing battle with lots of scaring but once in a while I actually won and those victories spurred me on giving me the determination to continue stepping up, being real and not letting my mother bring me down. As time went by and with every request from my sister, I grew stronger and was less and less afraid of being real with my mother which ultimately empowered me to let go of her limiting beliefs of me. Although, I was resentful of this at the time, I didn’t realize I was being given some of the greatest gifts of all time – the ability to overcome my fears, live from authenticity and truly enjoy life. Unfortunately, my sister and mother never got this lesson and today they both live in fear above all things which is why they worry incessantly, fret neurotically, and generally mope about in misery. Interestingly, that’s how most of us live today.

by Jimee, Jackie, Tom & AshaFear is our greatest weakness. It stops us from being all we can be. Fear tells us to settle for less and give up trying to make a difference. Many of us want deep and total change personally and in the world. We’re tired of the 24/7 365 pace we keep that never gets us anywhere and we have been praying for, or at the very least mumbling under our breath for, ease of life and passion of purpose. However, the only way anything in life changes is when we change it which generally means overcoming our greatest fears. So often we justify staying in our loveless, abusive or meaningless relationships and careers because we think it’s easier on us financially, physically and mentally when in reality we’re becoming victims to our fear and limiting the joy of our experiences. We fear disrupting our comfortable lives regardless of the toll they are taking on us emotionally and spiritually simply because they are safe and known. It’s easier to think we are limited rather than believing we are limitless. However, change isn’t miraculously going to happen to us. The change we seek absolutely requires action and effort on our parts to come to fruition. Luckily, this Halloween the universe is offering us this opportunity for change as long as we are willing to face our fears and be the change.

3108974757_4d6459f953Mercury, the planet of communication, has entered a retrograde period (a time of going backward) for the next three weeks. This retrograde occurs over Halloween prompting a cycle that is making us find the courage to overcome our deepest fears so we can begin living our most authentic expressions. We just have to ask ourselves one questions…Are we ready to reach beyond our comfort zones and face our greatest fears in order to live the lives we truly desire?

Merely scratching the surface of reality and striving for mediocrity is no longer acceptable and the planets and stars are aligning these days in such a way that magnetically we are no longer able to live below our greatness. Lower experiences that only provide a false sense of safety or security must be risen above if we want to live happy, fulfilling and thrilling lives. Over the next three weeks, we might want to contemplate what areas of our lives require change (it’s not difficult to find as we likely already know). Once we know what we want to see change, we can then discover the Unknownfears we have about making that change. Once we know our fears, we can then be brave, communicate our truth, and find creative solutions and take inspired actions toward moving past our fears and creating our desires. This is how change is forged! After all, what’s the worst that can happen? Or better yet, what’s the best that can happen? Fear of the unknown is exactly what we are being asked to overcome this retrograde period if we want to give ourselves the best chance for a brighter future.


So…Here’s to a brighter future with less fear and more courage! Have Fun!

 Michelle DesPres

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