October 2, 2013

Fall 2013 Energetic Climate Forecast – Being the Change and Finding Fulfillment in the Potentials of What We Love

383561_10151619521416506_1730730118_nEveryone I know wants serious change in their lives today. And although they may say they want a purposeful career, a new relationship, or a change in location, they are all actually saying the same thing…”I want more fulfillment out of life.” Fulfillment is what we strive for and what we keep hoping will happen to us through some change in circumstances. We fantasize about change and how it will happen to us miraculously providing us with the illusory time and money we’ve never had before; time to spend with our families, money to engage in creative pursuits or exploring the world. But this Fall 2013 is challenging us on the idea that change is what we need. Rather Fall 2013 is telling us to follow our potentials lest we miss out on the changes we seek.

8732427615_0a54567a27I say all the time that people don’t have to wait for a system or structure to tell them how to live their lives. If a person wanted to design their own solar powered generator to heat and cool their house, then they should do it and get off the grid and save themselves the money. Why would anyone tell them no? More importantly, why would we think we don’t have the right to take matters into our own hands and innovatively solve our own pressing life issues? If we got creative and designed ways to harness free energy, grow our own food, and learn to live local, we would save on our cost of living expenses, cutting down on the need to work tirelessly just to make ends means, and freeing ourselves up to experience more of what we love and what brings us true fulfillment.

This is the type of thinking we are being asked to explore this Fall and likely for the next three to fifteen years. Peace doesn’t come at the end of a barrel. Peace comes by people using their higher minds and enacting innovative solutions. We have never not had what we needed to live the lives we desire…we simply never thought we had permission nor powerful enough to implement our designs and desires. However, if we want change today, we have to start recognizing that change does happen to us rather we are the change and that change is dependent upon how much we are willing to enact our greatest potentials.

4266283238_b908761e95I saw a bumper sticker that summed up this fall for me. It said, “Love Wins.” That’s the new cycle we have entered. Energetically our spirits are calling us to rise to the challenge. Can we follow what we love so we can love the lives we live? Change begins inwardly with intention and purposeful emotion and then becomes reflected in our outward reality as a change in our circumstances. This fall represents the end of the dying cycle that saw its peak last year at this time and ushers in the living cycle that will persist for what will ultimately amount to eons of time but will be most persistent for us over the next three and fifteen years as we lay the foundations for a much greater future. By following our hearts and living the lives truest to our nature, our lives will become joyful expressions of ourselves therefore creating harmonious experiences and fostering a real and sustainable sense of fulfillment. We can wait to be told what to do or we can do what we know needs to be done. Our potentials are limitless and we have inside us all we need to create the lives we desire. We must be the change. We’re smart enough to know what to do to resolve our life issues we simply need to do it!

Enjoy Harvesting Your Potential!

Michelle DesPres


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