July 8, 2013

The Ladybugs Send a Sign

4556574072_711b4bfbc6Part of my job as a clairvoyant is to help people decode the symbolism of their life events as much of that work is intuitive in nature. As a result, I have the pleasure of witnessing the magic of spirit, how it connects us all, and how it interacts in our lives everyday providing us with signs and messages as a way of aiding us on our journeys. Yet as often as I see the magic, I can’t help but still be in awe of its nature and how it moves even its smallest creatures to purposeful action effortlessly responding to our every request. The only problem is most of the time we miss trust spirit denying its signs and messages which is why we so often find ourselves off path.  However, I witnessed this magic again today and to be sure the message and the path were not lost.

I was having coffee with a friend this morning who was telling me about his encounter with ladybugs. He had just broken up with a long-time girl friend and was a bit forlorn about the event. However, when he got into his car after ending the relationship there were several ladybugs nesting on his front seat and dashboard. The windows had been rolled up and there was seemingly no way the ladybugs should have been there but there they were. He noted that the sight of the beetles made him smile and he hadn’t felt a sense of wonder and awe for life like that in a long time. He wondered if the ladybugs were a sign telling him that he had made the right decision.

4078889782_7e275215f1As I listened to my friend relay his story, I knew immediately that spirit was giving him a sign but just what exactly was it saying? I first asked him how the ladybugs made him feel and what they meant to him. He said he thought of them as delicate, lovely, and purposeful creatures who he thought were harbingers of good fortune as this was the first feeling he had upon seeing the ladybugs. I laughed…this is exactly how signs and messages from spirit work. My friend needed to know if he had made the right decision and then the ladybugs showed up filling him with hope for the future. To me this screamed, “Yes, your decision was in your best interest and the universe is absolutely confirming that for you!”  But still my friend was sad. The sign had left him hopeful for the future but regretting the past and he was wishing he was in a different space. Thankfully the ladybugs had helped to shift his mood just enough to open him to the idea of something magical and more in alignment with himself coming his way. I felt certain that once he had fully integrated the message of the ladybugs he would be feeling much better and would once again be optimistic about love.

4043184518_96dedde548As my friend and I said goodbye, I couldn’t help thinking about the relationship I had just entered and wondered if spirit thought it was serving me or not. Jokingly – not expecting a response – I said, “I want a sign confirming that the relationship I’m exploring is worth my effort.” By the time I had gotten to my car, I was on to thinking about other things and had already forgotten about my request. However, after sitting down and buckling up I looked out my windshield only to see a ladybug staring back at me. I rolled my eyes and said, “I get it! Thanks for the sign…I’ll keep exploring.”

The moral of this story is to pay attention to the signs and messages coming our way even if they seem small and insignificant because upon further examination we just might find the answers we seek. The universe in its spiritual form is constantly sending us signs and messages meant to help us on our way. The trick is to be aware enough to recognize the signs and then be able to breakdown their symbolism so we know how to work with the energies and can take advantage of the opportunities these signs and messages bring.

Enjoy Decoding the Magic,

Michelle DesPres – Clairvoyant Medium

Author of the Clairvoyant Path



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