May 9, 2013

Mother Nature Brings Deliverance

MP900179301Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my office trying to write but was really just staring out the window fixated on the storm clouds brewing northwest of me. As I sat there quietly observing the pockets of clouds dark and heavy wanting to be released, I heard Gaia, or Mother Nature, telling me to go out and investigate the storm. I always look forward to her direction. Last time she sent me on a mission to commune with the trees in late fall and I received an inspiring message of positive change and new and deeper collective connections that would allow us to rebuild our foundations from a sustainable perspective come springtime. (Link to article). Today I received what would turn out to be the follow up message from the fall suggesting that we have finally reached our time of deliverance.

Lightning BoltsI never thought twice about Gaia’s prompting to investigate the storm. I was in my car and heading northwest within minutes of the idea. At first it seemed the clouds were too sparse to come together and have any kind of impact as a storm but the winds spoke a different tune. The winds were brisk and determined as they swirled in gusts from all directions as if purposely pushing and condensing the clouds together. I sat in the openness of the winds letting them toss me about as the storm began to grow and take shape. Gaia suggested that I breathe in the winds and prepare to receive the quenching rains. I took a deep breath drawing the storm within and finally I could see its true and purposeful potential and it was anything but sparse. Just then Gaia interjected with a message and an image. She referred to this time as “the time of deliverance” and she showed me an image of lightning, wind, and rain washing away struggle and oppression and delivering us into a time of ease and opportunity should we choose to flow in that direction. Upon witnessing this vision my heart raced with relief and excitement.

We have been prompted over the past six months to let go of oppressive situations, behaviors, and beliefs and in so doing we have finally reached the point of being delivered from our lower circumstances into a higher way of being that promotes acceptance, love and expansion in our lives in ways that also takes into consideration the greatest good of all. In so many ways, by honoring the needs of ourselves, we can now truly honor the needs of others which is where sustainable living actually begins. When we are centered in self, the rest of the world can then center around us.

RainbowGaia then gave me instructions for anchoring myself in this new cycle of time. The first trick at this time is to stay present and grounded so we are aware of the events taking place around us. As we have surrendered that which was holding us back, we are now available for greater opportunities. Watching what opportunities present themselves in the moment and being willing to explore their potentials or what they have to teach us will keep us in alignment with the cycle. The next step is to stop old thinking. It’s easy to say practice positive thinking but consider it like this…the past will not repattern itself today unless we give it power. Therefore it’s best to practice maintaining thoughts and feelings of joy, love, acceptance, gratitude and holding permission for the universe to bring us better than we can expect lest we inadvertently recreate a negative past. Lastly, we must continue to foster our new connections and learn to live from our higher ideals as we begin the process of restructuring our lives to accommodate our deliverance into ease and opportunity.

Friends Playing on the BeachAs I was leaving to return to my office, Gaia shared one last piece of information with me. She said that over the next six months, as more and more people anchor themselves in the deliverance, life will seem to become more magical and miracles will be taking place everywhere. As a natural skeptic, I am always taken aback by such sweeping claims but the feeling I had as she imparted this message to me was absolute certainty. My own knowingness told me Gaia was correct and that if I just trusted in the message and feelings I was having that I myself would miraculously be led to where I needed to be. So I decided not to second guess the message but to trust and follow the opportunities that are apparently coming my way. Be sure and be aware of the magical opportunities coming your way as well.

Michelle DesPres – Clairvoyant Medium

Speaker and Author of The Clairvoyant Path

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