April 29, 2013

Life Can’t Unfold If We Don’t Take the Steps

by TeosaurioEarly this morning, I received a call from a friend telling me she had just received two phone calls from random numbers that weren’t so random yet made no sense. The first call had come from number 111-111-1111 and the second from 234-567-89. No messages had been left and upon dialing the numbers to see where they returned, she received an error message telling her the numbers were invalid. “Have you ever experienced such a thing with your phone?” she asked. I laughed and said, “Absolutely, and I totally understand what your phone is trying to say.” I have experienced many moments when my phone has reacted strangely by performing functions that it seemingly shouldn’t. This was no different. However when I experience odd phenomena with my electronics, I know that spirit is working overtime to get me a message and so I pay extra attention and what was catching my curiosity about the phone calls was the sequencing of the numbers. In numerology (the study of energy, numbers, and patterns), 1 represents a new beginning. It’s like an open gate or reset into new experiences, behaviors, and patterns. 2-9 represent the steps that must be taken to anchor, or reinforce, our new circumstances once the gate is opened. It would seem that these phone numbers were indicating that several gates had opened and that the time was now time for taking our next steps and allowing life’s potentials to unfold.

I have said this many times over the last six months…winter solstice of 2012 marked the end of the past. All season long we were prompted toward a letting go. If the masks we adorned as representations of ourselves were not authentic (meaning we hadn’t explored the source of our imposed beliefs to decide whether to claim them as our personal truths or not), if our careers were deprived of purpose, or if our relationships lacked love, we were likely prompted to face our truths and let go of the experiences and behaviors that were holding us back from a greater sense of fulfillment. In that sense we have been letting go of that part of our life’s story that was creating limitation, lack, and lovelessness while trusting that in so doing we would open ourselves to greater expansion, abundance, and love which is exactly what the numbers were affirmed to me and my friend. As we have discovered what must be let go of in our lives, we now must begin taking steps toward enacting that which we most desire.

by Keoni CabralWe have come into an interesting time and we are being asked to take what is likely the rest of this year to be explorative, to take baby steps in many directions and see what takes hold. In a lot of ways we have entered a testing period – an opportunity to try that which we “think” is our desire and see if it really is. The more we are willing to be playful with this process and explore like children – in that sense unrestricted and free to experience – the more we open ourselves up to the greater potentials that can be. Consequently, it’s a great time to witness ourselves in the role of parent to our inner child. How would you foster the desires of your child should you have no outside expectations to live up to or obstacles to overcome? That is what we are being tasked with doing. Not parenting the way we were parented or the way society thinks we should parent, but giving to ourselves what we think our child needs in order to foster a healthy sense of creativity that allows us to test the waters and explore the options.

Oftentimes we think we need to wait for proper circumstances to appear before we can act on our desires. However, this stance doesn’t seem to serve us very well right now. It’s more about being childlike today and giving ourselves permission to try and fail without being attached to outcomes. Children never think about tomorrow (unless we make them) they are always invested in the now. We need to now be recognizing what steps to send our child skipping down in an effort to discover better than we can imagine. Each step leads to the next while not taking a step means getting nowhere. We might take a step in one direction just to find it prompts us toward a completely different direction. Or we may take a step and find it brings us closer to our vision. The point is that we have to put ourselves where we want to be in order for change to occur. We have to enact the scenario – live the life we want – by taking the steps necessary for creating our preferred realities.

by oatsy40This spring is offering us a rare opportunity to not just start again but to consciously explore our greatest desires. If we give ourselves permission to explore innocently, unattached, and open to greater potentials than we can conceive, what is sustainable and in our best interest will take root and anchor as our new foundations upon which we can begin to build structures with the following year.


Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant Counselor

Author of… The Clairvoyant Path

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  1. LOVE IT! It all goes back to putting one step in front of the other… i loved the connection to the inner child, we are being prompted to foster the desires and let our self play with the possibilities of what could and will be.

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