March 27, 2013

Spring 2013 Energetic Climate Forecast – The Need to Survive (Change vs. Fear of the Unknown)

Unknown2I have never been afraid of change. Growing up, my family was never particularly rooted. We moved homes and schools often. Consequently, I was used to making new friends and having new experiences but not being attached to them as permanent fixtures in my life because sooner or later I knew it would change. However, I wouldn’t understand how valuable the ability to change effortlessly would come in handy until I left home in my early teens to fend for myself in the world. My survival depended upon my mutable nature and my ability to adapt to the environments and situations of my life in an effort to meet my needs. In that sense, change was my greatest friend. To me the unknown was more appealing than the known. So when I hear my friends and clients say to me that they are afraid of change, I’m always taken aback. I’ve had to recognize that this is where my upbringing has made me different than most. Most people I know are used to solid and anchored foundations, which although great, can make transition more difficult to embrace as it is hard to let go of perceived safety and security. Yet change is inevitable today and to be sure – necessary. The past cannot continue – a new future must be born. If we are not willing to overcome our fears of the unknown and embrace change today, we are likely to repattern our past limitations and become easily overwhelmed and pushed to your limits with no seeming way out –  which is simply no way to live.

by thebadastronomer“Out of nothing comes something – where there was once no thought there is suddenly an idea.” This metaphysic concept describes how opportunity and potential present themselves in our lives. This is important to note this spring as we emerge reborn because we are being asked to submerge ourselves in the unknown in order to find our much needed change today. Our metamorphosis is complete. We have transformed out of the past and into the future. What do you want to be? Do you want your new life to mirror your old life? What parts of your life would you like to see be different? We all have the opportunity today to enact the world of our dreams but only if we are willing to step beyond certainty and allow the unknown to present to us better than we could imagine.

I think today we can have our cake and eat it too but we have to be brave enough to claim that which we desire. In an effort to help facility greater change today (which is apparently why I have been given the background I have), I would like to share a few easy steps you can take toward embracing change gently in honor of yourself and others as well as your dreams and desires.

Opening Yourself to Change: (Note – there is no wrong way of doing these exercises – whatever is right for you is correct.)

Make a daily habit of writing down, or typing up, your desires. The more you see what you want the more you will be willing to take steps toward it. No one has to see your list. You can destroy it when you are finished – it’s just about taking a step.

Enact simple change first. Change personal routines and habits – Drive a different direction to work, eat dinner at a different time, take a day off. The point here is to break patterns. You don’t have to make drastic change to create something different. Just start the ball rolling with simply change and the rest will unfold gracefully.

by h.koppdelaney
by h.koppdelaney

Release and let go of expectations and obligations. Everything is just energy. Sometimes we simply need permission to start anew. One of the techniques that I teach in classes as well as in my book The Clairvoyant Path is how to maintain your personal energy field. The best way to do this is to recognize yourself as a renewable source by understanding how to ground, release, and fill yourself in with renewing energy.

Grounding is an energetic idea that conveys to your spirit and your body that you are connected to the earth and are manifesting in this reality. Your grounding cord connects at your hips and runs down into the earth and connects to her core, serving as the anchor that tells the universe where you are docked and therefore manifesting physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The grounding cord also serves as a release mechanism. “Releasing” is another point of permission that many of us don’t claim for ourselves. We feel we have to keep and eye on everything at all times. We often carry all our desires and concerns about family, career, love, etc. inside our individual energetic fields, never feeling as though we can step away from our responsibilities or desires. Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow us to create anything new.

Once you are grounding and have released, the next and final step is “filling in.” For this point of focus, we will be recognizing the sun as a symbol of life-giving and renewing energy. The sun is a renewable source that will transmute your energy back to its pristine and whole state. This sun will fill you up from head to toe, renewing and refreshing you like a radiant star.

Renewable Sourcing Meditation

  • Take a moment to close your eyes and image you have a grounding cord from your hips all the way down to the center of the earth.
  • Make that cord as wide as your hips and notice that you can make this cord out of any material you desire. For instance, you might use a ribbon as a cord, or perhaps an oak tree or a large quartz crystal.
  • After grounding, notice that you have a field of space an arm’s length out around you.
  • Ask that all the energy within that field be released, sending it down your grounding cord and into the earth where it will be transmuted, or recycled.
  • Once you have emptied out your space, take a look around and notice if there is anything hanging around that doesn’t want to leave. Maybe it’s your child, or maybe it’s a project from work, or it may even be your grandmother who has been gone for twenty years. The point is to notice who is hanging out in your space and then give yourself permission to release them.
  • Once you know who and what is lingering in your space, go ahead and give yourself permission to fully release them from your field. This gesture of claiming your space is meant to remind you that you are an individual who must claim sovereignty in order to properly give to others. Remember that whatever you release will reestablish the minute you think of it again, but the point is that you can claim time and space for yourself first and foremost.
  • After grounding and releasing, envision a large golden sun over the top of your head.
  • Ask to have all the energy that you released to come back to you through the sun. Watch as the energy you released into the earth filters upward into the sun above your head. Watch as the energy churns, recycling itself in the sun’s energy.
  • Next, ask that any energy that you have left in other places, like home, work, or even the grocery store come back to you; watch as these energies make their way back to you, filtering into your sun, growing and expanding it.
  • Once all your energy has been called back, imagine reaching up and popping the sun like a balloon and watch as the energy of the sun fills up your space and permeates ever fiber of your being from head to toe.

Now that you understand how to ground, release, and fill yourself in, you can practice this many times a day as a way of keeping yourself open to new opportunity.

mtree2This Springtime represents our emergence into the life we have always desired. Don’t let fear of change stop you from becoming all you can be. Now is the time to dive into the life you have always imagined.


Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyant Medium, Inspirational Speaker, Author


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  1. Loved it! I too have come from a very unrooted past. Moved alot…new schools…new friends. Change is easier for me than most. I am afraid of staying too firmly connected too anything!
    I think it has ultimately served me in accepting change, and not being to attached to anything. This is what I think the majority is having a hard time with. Releasing the old way of being…or thinking and embracing the change of what we have emerged into! Great post!

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