March 11, 2013

Apply Love During Times of Uncertainty and Unpredictability

by Lel4nd on Flickr
by Lel4nd on Flickr

If you haven’t been feeling restless, uncertain, anxious, eager, penned in, and upside down with no idea what is happening and where you are going, then you are part of a minority of people I have not come across yet. It would seem that everyone is experiencing a greater degree of limitation and uncertainty than usual and many of us are having a difficult time finding peace of mind. However, just because the times are uncertain and unpredictable doesn’t mean we are merely subject to them with no control over our own destinies. As a matter of fact, we may have more power during times of unknowing than times when our egos think they have it all figured out and maybe that’s the point. Today we cannot be relying on our thoughts to think our ways out of our limitations because we need to be feeling our way toward what is best in alignment with our greatest good (which is something we may not consciously know for ourselves and therefore cannot truly conceptualize). Luckily, there is a simple yet highly affective stance we can assume that will allow us to feel our way through this time of unknowing providing us with power, focus, passion, and drive like we have never experienced before allowing us to break free of our limited pasts.

Winter solstice of 2012 prompted an energetic cocooning and subsequent metamorphosis that every spirit on the planet is now undergoing and will continue to move through until we emerge reborn in spring. Metamorphosis in a quantum spiritual sense is an internal process of personal digestion and redefinition in which a person is faced with their personal truths and asked to either re-incorporate the belief or let it go in lieu of a higher or healthier ideal. As a result, all our beliefs about who we are, why we are, and what we are today are being dissolved and reformed, whether we like it or not, causing much of the uncertainty and unpredictability we are sensing at this time. We are all facing our deepest truths and limitations so that we may overcome them. It prompts serious questions such as… Does my career sustain me? Does my relationship hold me back or expand and lift me up? Can I give to others as I give unto myself? Do I have permission to follow my heart? Can I trust in the support of others? Can I openly express myself without fear of ridicule or rejection? What am I holding onto from the past that no longer serves me today? Can I receive all the glory life has to offer? Do I believe I’m worthy? Can I accept others for who they are without the need to change or fix them?…The list is endless and overwhelming to say the least yet every day we are being faced with these questions and our answers are defining who and what we are becoming. Yet here is the paradox, answering these questions will only limit us to what we have been in the past because our minds are limited to what they have experienced and cannot conceptualize anything new. In order to receive new ideas, we have to let go of thought and allow spirit to bring us ideas better than we can imagine. The best way to let our spirits know our minds are free and open to inspiration is by holding a feeling for what we desire and the strongest of feelings is LOVE.

Love is the highest vibration we possess and all anyone really wants in life is to love and be loved in return. When we hold loving feelings for ourselves, others, and the situations of our lives, we tell our spirits to bring to us loving ideals and circumstances that contribute to the greatest good of all. I first experienced this phenomenon of love shifting my circumstances years ago when I hosted a metaphysic talk show on community radio. After the first show, I was asked to meet with the board of directors. My content was in question and they needed to re-evaluate my show’s status. I was nervous and uncertain about what I was walking into. What had I said that was so bad? Would the show be canceled? I had no idea what was going to happen. In the end it was just one member particularly who felt my subject matter lacked any basis in reality and she wanted my show taken off the air. It was terrible really. For fifteen minutes she berated me on how I had nothing of substance to offer anyone and that I was doing more damage in the world than good. As I sat there listening to her throw up on me waiting for my opportunity to defend myself, I heard Mother Mary say to me, “Open your heart and send her love. Say nothing, act not, send love.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wanted to stand up against her judgment and ignorance but as I followed Mary’s instructions something shifted and changed the entire situation. Applying love softened my heart and suddenly I could see the beauty in the moment. Soon I lovingly understood that this woman couldn’t hear my words due to her limited spiritual knowledge and her gift to me was the priceless understanding that I needed to be more educational with my content and more compassionate in my delivery and effort to bridge these types of differences. I never felt the need to fully defend myself that day and I simply stated that given the feedback I would structure my content differently. The board liked my plan and the show went on but things could have gone much differently. I could have gotten angry and burned my bridges but love allowed me to build a stronger bridge in the long run not to mention bringing me information that ultimately taught me the best way to reach people.

by Rubén ChaseWe are all in the midst of a life altering metamorphosis and the goal is to emerge whole, authentic, and open to a new world of experience and opportunity. The best way to traverse this time is not to try and figure it out but to let go of our concerns and simply be love in the world and receive love from the world – it is truly that simple yet it is powerful beyond belief. Applying love during times of uncertainty and unpredictability doesn’t assure an outcome but it certainly doesn’t hinder it nor make it worse. More importantly, it lifts our attitudes enabling us to see past the problems so we can receive the information that will enable us to rise above our limited perspectives and circumstances.

With Love,

Michelle DesPres

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