February 8, 2013

The Cycle of Death Urges Us to Let Go

Death - The Llewellyn Tarot
Death – The Llewellyn Tarot

It seems to me that we have been in the midst of a cycle of death in which we are being asked to let go of that which only perpetuates a negative future. It started in October and while it’s not unusual for death to be a theme in October, it is unusual for that theme to persist for four months. It began with the ushering in of All Hallows Eve and the proceeding All Soul’s Day (also known as Day of the Dead) and never stopped. Everyone is experiencing death in one way or another. Some people are literally experiencing the physical loss of a loved one. But most of us are experiencing this theme of death as the need to allow our negative careers, relationships, ideals, beliefs or attitudes to die. In that sense, it is like a spiritual death. This type of passing prompts a re-evaluation of our hopes, dreams, desires, and passions and forces us to face our fears and muster the strength to let go and move into something new, however unknown, yet more in alignment with our authenticity. This cycle will continue for the next six weeks when we emerge reborn with the spring and can anchor and enact the new path we initiated over the winter.

Most people are afraid of and resistant to death. How can we not be? There is seemingly a finality to it all, right? However, that is not entirely the truth about death as death, be it physical or spiritual, is part of a three-part process that begins with life, transitions into death, and then transitions once more into rebirth thereby promoting new life. It’s about growing from one experience to another with death serving as the midway point and catalyst initiating the spark between being (life) and becoming again (rebirth) – there is nothing final about it. In that sense, death is about letting go of the past in order to allow a new future to be written. We can let go willingly or we can go fighting but the cycle will persist and one thing is for sure, we can’t escape death. Life will continue to take on more and more chaos until we are so beaten down we finally give up and let go of that which is holding us back. So…we can relinquish our negative careers or we can get fired and look like the difficult one. We can abandon the idea that anger will solve our problems or we can continue to cause friction with our righteousness indignation only to create greater rifts and separations. We can release our fear of failure or we can think it is impossible and therefore never try and never know. It would seem the better choice is to let go consciously, despite the pain of the moment, knowing that something greater awaits versus enduring the pain for a lifetime with no hope of anything better.

Wheel of Fortune - The Llewellyn Tarot
Wheel of Fortune – The Llewellyn Tarot

I taught my children the concept that if they wanted something new, like a toy, something old would have to leave. We can’t hold onto everything and think that we can manage it all with proper attention. Something has to give. That is what each of us needs to be considering today. We need to get real and ask ourselves the tough question: What needs to die away in my life so I may harness greater opportunities and achieve my highest potential? Once we know what must be released, we then have a greater conscious responsibility to take the appropriate steps to walk the talk and enact our higher ideals. It’s not easy. Loss is always difficult and its grief is inevitable. However, should we express our sadness in the moment but move forward with conviction of higher thought, we will be able to create a world of our dreams. We cannot control the process of another person’s physical passing but we can certainly orchestrate our own spiritual deaths. What are you willing to let go of today in order to have a brighter tomorrow? 

Michelle DesPres – Clairvoyant Medium

Author of…The Clairvoyant Path


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    Great article. No one else is writig about this, although I certainly am experiencing it and seeing it play out all around me. Also, what a treat to encounter good content married to good writing!

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