February 5, 2013

Do You Know Why You Get Sick?

by sun dazedDo you know where your healing resides? Is your issue physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual? How can we tell the difference? My great friend Jackie and I were talking about big life issues the other day when I felt a great despair and sense of futility come over me that made me want to cry but I stopped myself because I didn’t want to give my irrational emotions any credence. The minute I felt that sense of sadness overwhelming me, I resisted the emotional expression, holding it back and apparently stuffing it down into my throat and sinuses because later that evening I was sick with a cold. Rarely do I get sick but when I do it’s always a cold. Colds are generally 5th chakra (energy center of the body located in the throat) issues that “speak” to our need to voice our truths. In the past, I would get a cold because I was resistant to communicating something I needed to be speaking up about. However, over the past two years the cause of my colds has changed. No longer are they about my mental body’s need to supply clarity of character. Instead, they are now more about my emotional body’s need for unrestricted expression. Consequently, I have been forced to discover new remedies to heal old wounds in areas I’ve never been comfortable in and I’d never given much consideration. But maybe that’s the point. Perhaps I had integrated communicating my personal truth and now needed to integrate the expression of my emotions – not my favorite thing and thus the reason for my resistance and subsequent illness. Today it seems more important than ever to recognize where our healing truly resides so we can continue growing and evolving with the new cycle of time today. It’s worth it for us all to be asking ourselves what is really causing our sicknesses.

I grew up in a family that didn’t honor feelings as there was no room for that type of “weakness” in character. As a result, I became very accustomed to devaluing emotions in lieu of reason. However as an intuitive and healer, I now know the truth of emotions and they are anything but weak. As a matter of fact, they are the most powerful magnetizing force we possess. If we express an irrational emotion in the moment, its magnetic charge is lessened. If we harbor an irrational emotion wallowing in it expressed or unexpressed, its magnetic charge increases inadvertently drawing to us that which we do not want. There is always a fine line. We can over emote and under emote but this was what my colds now symbolized – if I denied the release of my emotions, I would be unable to create my desires. I knew immediately I had to learn this lesson and heal that which I had not been courageous enough to allow myself in the moment. Unfortunately, that would prove to be a difficult challenge.

In so many ways there was nothing I could do to cure my cold. I tried everything in my usual bag of tricks – oil of oregano, thieves and orange citrus oils, honey, whiskey, lemon, Consuelo’s green chili to kill it with fire, and speaking up and saying what I needed to say  – all to no avail. All I could do was wait it out. The damage was done. I didn’t allow my emotional expression in the moment and the moment was lost. I was now dealing with the consequences of my actions. As I’ve now had time to rest and contemplate my illness, I realized it would have been best to have just cried for the minute I needed to, thus lessening the magnetic impact, rather than suffer a week of sneezing, coughing, and leaking out of orifices no one should be leaking out of all the while perpetuating an unhealthy emotional charge. Tis better to appear weak in the moment than leak for a week, I now say.

The only way I will know if I have done my healing, passed the test, and integrated the message is when I next feel that sense of overwhelming emotion. Will I let it out and honor it or will I stuff it down and suffer it? The choice is mine just like the choice is yours. If we want to expand and evolve into our potentials, we have to be willing to dive into our next layer of healing. Where is your healing now? Is it in your mind, body, emotions or spirit? This is what we must be determining if we want to be growing, thriving and evolving into happy, harmonious people today.


Good Luck and Stay Healthy,

Michelle DesPres

Author – Teacher – Lecturer – Clairvoyant Medium

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  1. Tough lessons. Accepting and dealing with our emotions (for me at least) are one of the hardest thing to deal with. Great perspective! Thank you for sharing, but most importantly feel better!!!

    Colds suck, but so do the messages they sometimes carry.

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