January 24, 2013

Are Gun Laws the Total Answer or Are We Missing the Greater Debate?

by andorandI’m happy to see that we are willing to take action to fix our country’s recent violent outbreaks. Except, does enacting stricter gun laws really fix the total problem or is that merely a band-aide cure that only serves to distract us from the larger wound? Although we certainly need to rid ourselves of these devices, taking guns out of the people’s hands does nothing to change criminals, terrorists, and radicals alike who I’m fairly certain won’t be giving up their weapons upon request – so really how safe does that make us? One might think we don’t actually know where the true issue resides. It seems we are missing the greater debate in the wake of our country’s recent shootings. Guns are not the issue they are the byproduct of what has become lower American thinking. The debate we ought to be having today begins with a discussion about how these types of automatic weapons have even become a part of our everyday lives and what that says about us as a country. Then we can start the debate about how to raise our thinking and create a new American ideal.

Americans are notorious for wielding their weapons to get what they want. We glorify that type of behavior. We encourage fear, war, and indifference – just look at our foreign policies, our number one movies, our top selling video games, and who has all the money. Our defense budget alone could feed the world yet we feel it is more important to have the capacity to annihilate that which stands in our way rather than working with it. Worse yet, we have lost touch with the ideas of home, family, and community that once served as the backbone of this country. We have taken the center out of the home by requiring that both parents work just to make ends meat leaving our children and our partnerships to pay the ultimate price. We have placed the generations at a distance disassociating from our roots. We have adopted the “every man for himself” attitude only to find that no one is surviving, and our only hope for getting ahead is to become a playboy bunny with her own television series, win the lottery, or cheat and swindle. This is what we have taught our children. This is why some of them have no reservations committing violent acts – they have lost all hope and we have told them it is acceptable to use aggression to get their needs met. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to promote force on one hand and then enact laws to punish it on the other hand. Besides, laws don’t change thinking. If that were the case we would all actually be considered equals but we haven’t even been able to master that yet. Knowledge is what changes thinking. Luckily, there is a higher education we can embrace today that offers us the solutions to changing what has become the American nightmare.

by h.koppdelaney
by h.koppdelaney

The fact that we think we’re superior in the world only highlights our lower thinking and tells us we seriously need to reposition our perspectives because if we were to really look at our greatness, we would see that we have only greatly deteriorated. Americans sorely lack the crucial education that has the potential to fix all our social and philosophical life issues today. There are many esoteric teachings, findings, and understandings that hold the answers to our cultural quandaries and can teach us how to truly love they neighbor as we love ourselves. One of the biggest understandings these higher sciences bring is the knowledge that while we are separate in body we are also connected in spirit. It teaches us that we are all equal and eternal souls having experienced multitudes of lifetimes playing all the pieces and parts…we have been the martyr and the saint, the pauper and the prince…we have all been the good, the bad, and the ugly. The advantage of this perspective is that it allows us to accept our personal truth while also accepting the truth of what is happening around us without judgment or the need to change everybody and everything to fit our personal needs. This type of enlightened higher stance empowers us to change ourselves into peaceful, loving, and understanding beings capable of creating peace, love and understanding in the world.

If we want responsible change today, we need to seek the education that allows us to witness our totality so we can truly balance ourselves inwardly thus enabling us to enact balance outwardly as this is the formula for true sustainability. The point is that we must first change ourselves in order to create sustainable change in the world. Through practices like meditation and clairvoyant discernment, we can glean the bigger picture of our reality naturally raising our personal thinking thereby setting the example for others to see how to do the same for themselves – this is truly how one person can change the world – all one has to do is simply be the example.

by thegoinggreenboutiqueIf we don’t get serious about raising our thinking, we can resign ourselves to the fact that our recent domestic outrages will absolutely increase. We have reached a pivotal juncture in the American saga. Our “Strong Arm of the World” ideal must change – it is obviously not a healthy image for our children to emulate. It is time to move beyond our limited lower thinking, put down our toys (I mean guns), and gain perspective on the bigger picture of our lives and how to live in harmony personally, collectively, and environmentally. If we are willing to educate ourselves about and take responsibility for our personal being, we can change the picture the world holds of Americans. More importantly, we can once again feel pride and respect in being Americans.


Michelle DesPres – Clairvoyant Medium


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