January 16, 2013

Lance Armstrong Once Again Proves My Point – It’s Time to Be Real

by PoweriPicsLance Armstrong’s recent admission of guilt is irrelevant and we should give him back his tour titles. After all didn’t he simply do what he was taught? Isn’t the point win or lose no matter the cost? And really, can anyone actually get ahead in life without cheating? If Wall Street has taught us nothing, it’s that cheating is the only way to get ahead, right? I beg to differ! Once again, we are being given another collective message about our need to be real. Public figures like Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and Kim Kardashian serve a bigger purpose in playing their larger-than-life roles. They represent what we, as a collective, believe about ourselves. In spirit, we are all just mirrors of one another. These public figures represent our collective egos and how they exist in lower thinking which is exactly why we are seeing the downfall of our false idols – It’s time to adopt a higher perspective and get real.

What comprises the American culture and tradition today? We offer millions to a man who can bicycle up a mountain faster than anyone else. We give money to politicians who promise change but have no idea what that really means, and we strategize our Black Friday plan of attack just to get a better deal on a television than our neighbor all the while denying resources to educators, communities, hospitals, the homeless, starving children – all the things that really matter. I realize it’s not that we don’t want to support the greater good it’s just that we have been programmed as a culture into thinking that acquiring is the goal and the bigger the better. We are told that material possessions will make us look like we are somebody important thereby bringing us happiness. In that sense, we are brought up to believe that we should value our things and our status more than we value our families, friendships, and partners. Consequently, we don these ridiculous personas calling ourselves Snooky or The Situation dressed in nothing but bling thinking this is who we are supposed to be. But what is that exactly? When did ignorance become popular? When did living like a two-bit hooker become the new American dream? What kind of tradition is that for a culture to embrace?

by Dave HoggThe American expression is inauthentic. We are all look and no substance and we don’t know what it means to be real. Everyone wants that moment of fame however fleeting but is it really better to be something for a moment as opposed to contributing to something that will last for generations? Luckily, there is a simple fix to our cultural loss of identity and that fix means growing up and giving ourselves the education we never got in school. Thankfully this is not a government funded education. This knowledge is self taught and is innate in every individual and can be accessed through the use of our higher sixth senses (and the occasional help from the New Age section of the bookstore) allowing us to achieve personal balance. This personal balance then manifests itself in our lives as authentic expressions, peaceful circumstances, and harmonious relationships beyond mere surface level relating. Unfortunately, in this country most people want to demonize the psychic abilities as if they are something that occur outside of ourselves and only to a rare few but that is anything but the truth. We need to release our lower thinking here as well and embrace the quantum science that skills like clairvoyance allow us to study so we can discover new and innovative ways of living that make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

mtree2As our so called American icons continue to fall short of their hype, it is a sign that our lower thinking is no longer sustaining and that we need to adopt a higher perspective. We are not just pretty faces on parade, prize athletes garnering ill-gotten gains and over inflated politicians who think we own the world, we are free-thinking innovators who care not just about ourselves but for all and we have fallen far from grace. It is time to educate ourselves about who we are as spirits living in a body and move beyond our limited mental and physical ego realities. It is said that no man is free who is not a master of himself. If we wish to truly experience freedom and live rewarding lives today, quantum science and its clairvoyant perspective need to be given serious consideration in order to foster responsibly sustainable individuals and communities that we can be proud of displaying to the world. We just have to be willing to look past the mundane and our willingness to merely strive for mediocrity. We must look beyond our physical and mental realities and discover how our spirits and emotions work to complete our totality and balance. And lastly, we must recognize ourselves as separate yet eternally connected as this is how we will raise the American mindset.


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