January 11, 2013

Kissed Many Frogs Lately – Life’s Lessons May Require that You Do

BooksBooks are some of my favorite things. I have given myself an education simply by reading literature, theory, philosophy, and even Stephen King’s horror novels. To me books are the essence of education because they show a spectrum of ideals and situations. However, as a metaphysician I have learned that wisdom comes from participating in life not just reading about it. Life is not lived in a book – that’s like playing the game from the sidelines. We can come to know what is in the world through books but in order to truly know life for ourselves we must be willing to experiencing it – to enter the game. Unfortunately, as many of us are sadly aware, this game can be a double edged sword. It can open us up to greater love and joy but it can also break ours heart and leave us questioning our choices. Yet although life is scary, uncertain and definitely chaotic, we still must emerge into the world willing to be rejected, knocked down, and pushed to our limits if we really want to be alive and engaged in the human experience. It boils down to the fact that we must face our biggest fears before we can truly have our greatest desires.

by fleno.deWe have all heard the saying “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” This applies not just in relationships but in life in general. Sometimes we have to try a few different careers before we know what we are passionate about. Sometimes you have to get fired in order to learn that its time to go. Sometimes we have to follow our hearts and open ourselves to love even when it is not returned simply to remind ourselves that we are capable of deep intimacy. We have to remember that even when things don’t go our way there is still growth in the lesson that strengthens our emotions and our resolve to strive for greatness. Holding back from life’s “what ifs” is like saying to the magnetic universe that you don’t want all the glory life has to offer. So what exactly is the point in holding back? Life is not always going to turn out the way we envision it but there is always a lesson to be learned. To deny ourselves the potential of “what if” says we are content to settle for less than we really deserve – positioning ourselves in a dying stance rather than a living stance in which we are simply waiting for our end.

MP910218885The questions we all have to ask ourselves today are…are  we holding ourselves back from experiences because we are fearful of their outcomes? Are we meeting new people, going to different places, and taking the time to be fully  open to what can be experienced today? If we continue to sell ourselves short, holding ourselves back from the experience, never entering the game, we will never grow beyond our limitations. However, if we are willing to face our fears, kiss a few frogs, and take steps toward engaging in something different, more in alignment with our authentic selves, we will come to know and reap in the rewards of all the potentials life has to offer.

Good Luck,

Michelle DesPres


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  1. This, I think is one of life’s hardest lessons. Allowing ourselves to feel and really be exposed is hard. It is also hard to not let ourselves shut down completely after we have been hurt. The trick isn’t just letting ourselves heal, but being able to open ourselves up again.

    Some times some of the most painful experiences are lessons that we have the hardest time learning. Thank you for sharing.

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