December 20, 2012

Winter Solstice (December 21, 2012) – Energetic Climate Forecast

by kedondengThe Zombie Apocalypse or The Creator’s Paradise – You Decide

It would be easy to look at current events and believe that the world is coming to an end on December 21st. With children paying the price for society’s misguided thinking and random shootings by unconscious zombie-like individuals becoming common place, it makes one really wish things would come to an end – because, my god, something must change! However, this is just one facet of reality that is taking place today. Change is actually happening all around us. There are many conscious individuals diligently working to save our environment, feed the hungry, house the poor, stop violence, bridge difference, and be the voices of love and compassion all in an effort to bring balance and peace to the world. Unfortunately, these are not the types of stories we see glorified on the news. But today we have to start thinking outside of the television box lest we create a future that mirrors our past and provides nothing of value to the future generations. We just have to ask ourselves…Are we willing to embrace a higher quantum education that places our spirits in the role of creator solving our current social, political, financial, and philosophical life issues? Can we raise our thinking and see beyond the limited and mundane? Most importantly, can we honor the time it takes to reinvent an entire cultural ideal? Time is shifting. We can enact a zombie apocalypse or we can create a paradise, the choice is ours.

We have arrived at one of the most pivotal dates in human history; the date time stops and starts anew. On December 21, 2012, the winter solstice (aka. the end times, or as I prefer, the ascension), the sun moves into alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy marking a rare 26,000 year alignment. At the same time the sun is making its journey through the galactic void, the earth is also entering a new 5,125 cycle in her relative rotations around the sun. Both of these divinely timed phenomena officially mark the end of one era and the beginning of a new era or great cycle of time. With these rare occurrences, our spirits and emotions energetically and magnetically receive new expansive information that our bodies and minds then must adjust to and adapt to ultimately enabling us to move beyond our limited unconsciousness and into higher states of consciousness much like figures such as Jesus, Horus, Krishna, and even Quetzalcoatl personified.

It would seem this holiday season we truly are witnessing the birth of the sun energetically, spiritually, metaphorically, and physically and we will be feeling the affect of this time not just for another year but for thousands of years to come. The great masters of the past have shown us the way toward enacting peace and balance upon the earth. Now it is our turn to assume their roles and create the greater change we are all seeking. As the sun is aligned with the galactic black hole, or void, all possibility and potential exists. In that moment our spirits have the ability to source, or manifest, anything we intend. Should we recognize our ability today to seed higher intentions, not just for the moment but for eons of time, and if we are willing to explore the new education of clairvoyant quantum relating, we can learn to serve as creators and not victims actualizing heaven and not hell. Luckily today we have access to a new education that allows us to follow our spirits and create a world worthy of our souls’ glory.

The New Higher Education

I often refer to this new cycle of time as the clairvoyant world age because it is the education about and use of our clairvoyant abilities that allows us to transcend our past and enact a balanced and harmonious future as clairvoyance enables us to understand our spirit’s quantum energetic climate and the reality it creates.

Being clairvoyant or psychic doesn’t mean predicting the future or knowing what is going to happen at all times, it means being able to inwardly view our quantum energetic specifics and gleaning the higher knowledge that allows us to discerning the lessons and patterns of our lives so we can rise above our circumstances and alter, or heal, why and how we are experiencing what we are experiencing. Part of our enlightenment and subsequent evolution today means seeking a higher education, and I don’t mean investing thousands of dollars into an educational structure that wants to tell us what to think, I mean the education that is largely self-taught with each person having access to the same universal information through the use of their intuitive functions.

Clairvoyance is the education that provides us with the ability to see the larger picture and find the larger truth behind our experiences. But one of the largest benefits to having a clairvoyant education is that it allows us to live from a higher perspective that places all peoples – great and small – as equals and worthy of divine love and compassion regardless of belief or life style. This level of higher acceptance is the key to changing our cultural ideals. With this higher education we have the ability to transcend greed, manipulation, judgment, and competition and enact generosity, compassion, acceptance, and cooperation. If we are willing at this time to explore a higher science, we have the rare opportunity to heal ourselves, take back our power, and not just restore our nation to glory but to reinvent her purpose all together providing the generations with traditions unique to Americans. Think what a nation could create if we were to take into consideration the total need of individuals and communities physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually thereby creating new cultural foundations, structures, and traditions based on true balance and sustainability all the while honoring ourselves, our neighbors, the earth, and the cosmos. It’s almost too beautiful to imagine.

Be the Creator

Our clairvoyant education in many ways causes us to have to assume the role of creator today as our higher perspective teaches us to take responsibility for our experiences.  Thankfully, today’s quantum science is aiding our higher educational efforts by confirming that what we once thought we were we are not. Science once believed that we were birthed from a chemical reaction. However, today quantum science tells us we are an energetic charge. This type of clarity changes everything. If we were a chemical reaction, we would be victims subject to the reality happening around us. However, as energetic charges we are no longer victims but creators whose intentions, or thoughts, are responsible for sparking the events that unfold and magnetize into our lives. For instance, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s intention experiments with water crystals shows that when thoughts of fear and worry are intended into water, the water’s crystalline structures become blobs and masses of distorted ugliness. However, when thoughts such as love and compassion are intended into the water, the crystalline structures take on intricate and beautiful snowflake-like shapes demonstrating how lower thought creates lower form where as higher thought creates higher form. Today we can no longer claim being the victims because all we have to do is change our thoughts and we change our reality. This is what it means to be a creator.

Being the creator means first taking responsibility for the fact that we are the responsible for our realities good, bad or indifferent. Then we must acknowledging our free will and our abilities to be brave, courageous and willing to explore and experiment with new ideas, possibilities, and potentials. However most importantly, in order to truly assume our positions as the creators of our reality we must determine if we are operating from a lower or higher way of thinking and which perspective best suits our highest good. Once again, it is I our clairvoyant education that allows us to determine if it is our lower thinking or our higher perspective that is driving our intentions and creating the reality we are experiencing.

The Difference Between Lower and Higher Thinking

Part of the responsibility of a creator is to maintain creative thoughts such as freedom, abundance, and acceptance rather than destructive thoughts such as greed, anger, and hatred. Therefore, the trick becomes recognizing the difference between the higher and lower forms of thinking.

Lower thinking is mostly black and white, all or nothing, with no compromising or understanding as ego feels it must compete to assert its position. Lower thinking incorporates all perspectives of separation, difference, and intolerance. Lower thinking uses anger and aggression as its means for enacting change. Blame, punishment, judgment, and greed are also lower ideals that perpetuate victimization, submission, domination, and disempowerment.

Higher perspective allows one to see a spectrum of options and understandings accepting all ways without the need to oppose or change others to suit personal, or egoic, need. With higher thinking, duality becomes nonexistent and our natural balance is to understand all sides and to be able to find our personal balance amongst our many inner dichotomies. Higher thinking also incorporates the ideals that we are all connected as one and unites us through acceptance and love. However, the biggest difference between lower and higher thinking is that lower thinking hinges on instant gratification while higher thinking recognizes that all great things take time as life is lived in the journey not the destination.

Honor the Time it Takes to Create Change

Change doesn’t happen over night. I often explain to clients who are in a moment of trauma that what they are ultimately beginning is a two, three, five, even a ten year cycle (whatever the case may be) except, nobody ever wants to hear that change takes times. Unfortunately, this is the result of living in a society that prides itself on its ability to be instantly gratified. However, to be sure change doesn’t happen over night. It takes time to work out of cycle and into a new cycle.

What we need to be considering at this time is that we are not just seeding intentions for the coming year we are beginning new cycles that will persist for generations of time. As the sun begins a new journey in her rotation around the galaxy, time will start to expand now and life expectancies will rise. Therefore there is no need to rush to enact change because as eternal spiritual beings we can honor that  change takes time and dedication to see results to fruition. Who knows, it might be time to give thought to what we would like to experience in future incarnations and realize that we must start taking the baby steps now that are necessary to enact our greater picture over the long haul.

Points to Ponder

The human race is on the verge of great transformation but just how it transforms is up to each of us individually. Some of us will transform ourselves into conscious higher-thinking spiritual beings with the power and opportunity to create a paradise on earth. Others will fall victim to their lower-thinking egos that are trapped by the past with no sense of opportunity for advancement or change and will likely continue to enact their zombie apocalypse or hell. Both dichotomies will play out. People will have to decide if they want to create a living hell or a heaven on earth. As the sun is aligned with the galactic black hole, or void, all possibility and potential exists. In that moment our spirits have the ability to source anything we want. So dream big and know that all things are possible today.

In closing I would like to offer some points to ponder in regards to either perpetuating our zombie exists or enacting a higher creative ideal. Remember, where we place our focus is what will be created. Make sure your thoughts are in alignment with the truth you wish to create for eons of time.

Enjoy the new world age!

Things to Contemplate and Set Intentions Toward at this Time

What you need to consider at this time to become a zombie:

  • Think only of yourself and how you are separate from everyone else
  • Play the victim and claim poor me
  • Consider nothing
  • Fear everything
  • Loath everyone
  • Expect the worst

What you need to consider at this time to become a creator:

  • All things are possible
  • We are all connected as one through our spirits
  • Respect fear and move beyond it
  • Dream big and for the greatest good of all
  • Take conscious action toward your desires
  • Envision a future that holds peace and balance for all
  • Discover the science of your quantum energetic field
  • Let go of the past
  • Surrender to synchronicity – Follow the connections that come your way
  • Live from your heart
  • Accept all people and their perceived differences
  • Break outside your routines
  • Make new friends
  • Explore new interests
  • Witness others without feeling the need to fix them or judge them and simply learn to lovingly accept others for who they are.
  • Seek a clairvoyant education


Michelle DesPres – Clairvoyant Medium, Author of The Clairvoyant Path

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