November 28, 2012

It’s Time to Feed the Chickens

I once heard a story about a very spiritual man and student of the mystical Kabbala. The man devoted his every waking and sleeping moment to pray and the practice of holy invocations. He would purchase beautiful crystals to connect him to the Divine. He studied healing and intention. He remained positive and open to the power of spirit to provide him with all he needed. However, much to the man’s misfortune his health was declining and he was becoming poorer and poorer. As much as he prayed, had faith and was able to receive, spirit brought him nothing. He was dismayed and sought counsel in his Kabbalistic master teacher.

When the man approached his rabbi, he told him how good he had been in honoring his spirit and emotions, seeing them, feeling them, being them but much to his disfavor the universe was not delivering to him the means by which he needed to sustain himself physically or mentally. After listening diligently, the rabbi asked only one question of the man. “What is the first thing you do in the morning?” The man proudly detailed his daily rituals of waking, meditating, contemplating, honoring and invoking spirit. Upon hearing the man’s answer, the rabbi responded with only one instruction for his student of the sacred mysteries. “Feed the chickens.” The man didn’t understand and he questioned the meaning of the riddle but the rabbi remained unwavering and repeated the puzzle, “feed the chickens.” The man went away more uncertain than he had been before. What was the hidden message behind his master’s teachings?

The man contemplated the mystery all the way home and upon arrival immediately went into his place of spirit to meditate on the metaphor but no enlightenment could he find. Days passed and still no answer to the perplexing riddle. All the while, the man’s home dilapidated and his resources had dwindled to the point of near extinction. It had even become effort just to meditate upon his spirit. He was perpetually exhausted and barely had energy enough for breathing. How on earth was he ever supposed to manifest his needs if he had not time, resource or energy? Desperate to get to the bottom of the riddle so he could finally receive his promised Divine right to abundance and prosperity, the man marched over to the rabbi and furiously demanded that he unveil the mystery of the riddle before the man saw his demise. Upon hearing the man’s dilemma, the rabbi quickly corrected the man’s perspective saying, “You have misunderstood my message.”

The man looked perplexed he thought, how can I misunderstand something I don’t comprehend to begin with, but the rabbi continued to explain. There was no mystery to be had because the message meant to simply feed the chickens. Should the man awake and feed his chickens prior to partaking of his daily spiritual rituals, the man would see prosperity. As the chickens grew not only would he himself have food to eat but he could sell his chickens and sustain the roof over his head bringing both his spiritual and physical realities into alignment. You see the man had been so focused on his spirit he had forgotten to take care of his physical existence.

Rarely do people integrate spirit and body. We live our spirits every Tuesday night at yoga class and then we put it aside to live our minds and bodies Monday through Friday with the occasional acting out of our emotions when we can no longer keep them confined. However, the moral to this story is that if you are all one way and not the other you will find yourself out of balance. It could just as easily be that the man was completely absorbed in his physical reality only working and neglecting his spirit and emotions and the same sense of dissatisfaction, lack and limitation would cause him to break down as well. The trick is to be both body and spirit and the way this is accomplished is through living your spirit even in the mundane elements of your life. For instance as the man feeds his chickens, he can be graciously giving thanks to the universe for the gift of the animals. He can pray for and give blessings to the chicken’s whose sacrifices make his life possible. He can even set intentions to attract more chickens if he desired.

We are all being challenged today to integrate our spirits into our bodies. Yes we must be meditating, praying, seeking insight, and being open to receiving but we must also be taking responsible for our outward reality by acting consciously toward the things our spirits wish to see manifest into our lives. Manna from heaven isn’t going to give you anything if you are not giving to your self by taking conscious actions toward your desires and sustaining your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realities.

If you are all spirit and no body, take an action in your outward reality toward the manifestation of your dreams. If you are all body and no spirit, take time to seek your inner wisdom through meditation, deep contemplation, and the exploration of your clairvoyant quantum reality. These are not the days to be a spirit or a body these are the days of being both. Take action toward your passions and take time off to contemplate and honor your spirit in ways that foster your greatest good.


Michelle DesPres – Clairvoyant Consultant

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  1. Beautifully put. The balance between spirit and body is imparitive in todays world. Intergrating the two can be a very big challenge for many of us. “Feed the Chickens” was a beautiful story, one needs to remember that even if you don’t have chickens feeding your body, nuroushing you physical body with good clean foods and lots of water is also imperative right now. We all need to remember to take care of all the aspects of ones self. Balance…is a give and take, it demands one to become fully intune and honest with ones self. Thank you for sharing your beautiful insight!
    Lots of love~ jackie

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