November 4, 2012

Honoring Telepathy and Synchronicity as the New Cycle of Time

While having breakfast at the Egg and I the other morning, I had a bizarre telepathic and synchronistic experience. I was eating breakfast and drinking my tea while also working the crossword. There is nothing better in the morning than a hot tea and a crisply folded old-school style crossword (although I’m sure we could argue that point but we won’t digress). One of the questions in the crossword made me wonder how the day was going to progress and I jokingly said to myself, “I wonder what my horror-scope says today.” But having already folded the newspaper to accommodate the puzzle, I was reluctant to undo it. Just then I heard one of the waitresses say to the other staff members, “Hey, you guys should hear my horoscope.” I instantly knew she was going to read Gemini, my sign, so I listened carefully and the information was very validating and thought provoking as if it were written specifically in regards to me and the circumstances I was experiencing at the time. However, when she finished reading she didn’t say what sign it was. The information certainly fit me but then don’t they all. Too curious not to know, I quickly unfolded the crossword and sure enough the horoscope she was reading was Gemini. Something deep inside told me I never needed to unfold my paper but the proof was right in front of me and I had to see it for myself. I took the paper home with me like it was some sort of trophy.

What I’m realizing is that telepathies and synchronicities are becoming commonplace today. I personally have been experiencing an exponential increase in these phenomenons. I’m picking words out of people’s heads before they say them, I’m seeing the names of the people I will be encountering prior to meeting them, I’m hearing music in my head that then gets posted on facebook later in the day, and in my dreams I’m having conversations and connecting with people from long ago only to have them show up in my waking present reality. It’s been big to say the least. I have never experienced telepathy to this degree. It’s very heightened and very powerful which lends me to believe a few things about what we need to be considering at this time:

  • Our thoughts – good or bad – are highly catalytic today and have greater potential for being made manifest instantly in our lives. We should be extra cautious with our thoughts, words, deeds and actions and how they might affect others or come back to haunt us. The key is to be authentic, compassionate, and speak from the heart even when that’s difficult.
  • The cycle of reassessing our relationships continues prompting us to let go of negative associations in order to make room for positive acquaintances so we can continue to grow and evolve. At the same time, we should be deepening our connections to those who are established in our lives in ways that are honoring of us as well as them as this is how we are rooting ourselves in the new cycle of time.
  • It’s time to branch out and make new connections with new people in new places. There is a greater need to be connecting to people at this time due to the information we all have for one another that will set us on our proper paths. Be sure to take the stance of neutrality and amusement with others as this is how to honor difference and allow people the right to their unique expression while  having yours as well.
  • Stop controlling the process. Plans are hard to make during shifting times. Be willing to change and adapt in the moment regardless of how you think things should unfold. Let whatever needs to happen, happen and simply be in wonder and awe of the way the universe brings to us that which we don’t even realize we need.

We shouldn’t be so quick to brush off our intuitions or feelings today as that information is either validating us or giving us a piece to our puzzle and telling us where to go to find the information that will usher in our next steps. We need to stay aware and pay attention to the signs, synchronicities, feelings, and intuitions that are coming through today so can follow the flow of our spirits as they work to get us where you need and want to be.


Michelle DesPres


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  1. I believe we are on the same page. So many of us are feeling these changes right now. The energy is definitely very big right now. Thanks for your insight!!! I guess I better hold on…for the next few months are going to be energetically crazy! 🙂

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