October 28, 2012

Help to Lessen the Storms Impact

The storms hitting the east coast today are ominous to say the least. But that is not to say there is nothing we can do about it. In fact there is much we can do to assist. Simply hold a bubble of light around the eastern seaboard and the entire storm itself. With all your psychic might, see the storm dissipating and ask that the waters recede while you pray that the residence of these areas are safe and out of harms way.

However, as much as we can energetically assist, we must also recognize that storms are meant to renew and spark new life. It may be that the areas being hardest hit are in most need of renewal. I would say that is definitely the case with Washington D.C. – something has to shake things up to create the change we really need today.

Hold the highest of hopes for the eastern region but know that Mother Nature knows what is best for reason we may not fully understand yet.

Wishing you all the safest of times!

Michelle DesPres

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