October 13, 2012

Why Jessica Ridgeway is Hero Not a Victim

Since hearing of the fate of Jessica Ridgeway, many people have called me asking why things like this have to happen. How can God let a child suffer? How can people be so sick? How can we stop this from happening again? In my line of work, as a clairvoyant and a medium, I have viewed death and tragedy countless times for clients and what I have come to learn is that when tragedy and death combine to strike a child it is due to the emotions needing to be provoked in the survivors and those who witness the event.

From my perspective, Jessica was a highly mastered spirit who carried more of a 5th and 7th dimensional essence to herself unlike the lower 3rd dimensional essence most of us in the world carry today. Because humanity has largely become desensitized and therefore disconnected from their emotions, tragic events like what Jessica experienced invoke our own emotions in ways we cannot deny. We are a society that is not used to feeling and so such events take place to make us feel.

In many ways we can see Jessica like a hero rather than a victim – a brave soul willing to take on a difficult chore for the greater good of everyone. We can stop the big souls of the universe from having to teach us these lessons by learning to live from our spirits (that part of us that is connected to something bigger than ourselves) and our emotions (that part of us that magnetizes to us our experiences). Should we decide spirit and emotion are worth living for our entire culture would change into something much more peaceful, harmonious, and loving which is what Jessica is hoping we do.

Say a prayer for Jessica and the life she lived and the example she set while she was here and then say a prayer for yourself and ask that you learn how to live authentically from your heart and how to let your emotions be your guide.




With Love, Sympathy, and Compassion,

Michelle DesPres, Clairvoyant Medium


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