October 11, 2012

Message from the Trees – The Great Reconnection

I am always talking about how Mother Nature communicates with me. Bees buzz their messages to me, spiders are compelled to spin me their tales, the winds whisper and howl to me the changes that they bring, even the magpies find it necessary to chatter their magical insights to me. This week it has been the trees. The other day I was in my office working, or to be honest it was more like I was staring out the window in my office, when I was struck with the thought that I should go take pictures of the trees. As I was driving to the park, I began hearing a low reverberating hum which over the years I have come to understanding are the trees. It was then that I realized the trees had been calling my attention all afternoon, distracting me from focusing on my work. But as I have come to understanding, there is no use in fighting Mother Nature, so I decided to take my time and enjoy receiving the message from the trees as it must have been important. As I listened to them speak, what I learned excited me in ways I haven’t felt in years and left me profoundly hopeful for the future.

How many people today want to see serious change take place in their lives? How many of us want new careers, more time, more money, or deeper and more meaningful relationships and true intimacy? Maybe it would be easier to count who doesn’t want these things. I would venture to say just about everyone wants change and according to the trees, the only way this can be done is if we are willing to emulate the trees by connecting and working in harmony with one another.

Of all of Mother Nature’s creatures, trees are the most ancient and wise. In many ways, I see planet earth as one big tree in which the planet is made up of a series of trees with deep roots that connect them to each other which is exactly what the trees were speaking about…our ability to be deeply rooted in our balanced self while also maintaining strong connections to one another as this is what will truly make us sustainable individuals and communities in the long run. With the passing of summer came the passing of a cycle of time that represented an inward re-evaluation. Certain astrological alignments caused us to move deeper into ourselves, to really decide who we were at our core and what we wanted to pattern for ourselves during this transformative cycle of time. Now with the fall, we are anchored in who we are and we can begin connecting with others to create our desires. This is what the trees were encouraging us to do as it is no longer necessary to be on our journeys alone – we can finally begin working together and assisting one another in achieving the greatest good for all.

Sadly after receiving this message from the trees, a fierce wind blew in what felt like an arctic storm. In that frigid instance, I knew why the trees had been calling to me. It was their last day of glory. The trees were at their peak and hibernation was getting ready to set in. However, the trees corrected me and said hibernation wasn’t the best word as that implies being inactive when actually they were being very actively and purposeful by pulling all their energy into their roots and energetically extending deeper connections to all the trees of the world. Interestingly, when I returned to my office there was a card at my door from a client. I opened it to find a beautifully embossed depiction of the world accompanied by a dried leaf from a tree. I had recently read for this client and connected her with a passed over loved one and in her gratitude she connected with me by writing an endearing note of thanks and sending me a leaf from the tree that was planted in her loved one’s honor. The synchronicity of this event left me feeling as if this message of connection was more imperative than ever and not to take it lightly but to be brave and open up to new and deeper connections.

Fall and winter of 2012 will be very active times. Should we use this time wisely, connecting like the trees do, come spring when all is reborn, we will have a strong collective connection that will allow us to begin to rebuild our structures, foundations, homes, family, relationships, health, education, you name it. As the trees connect to something deeper and bigger than their individual selves, we too are being encouraged to participate in this great reconnection by branching out and connecting to the people and things that make our hearts sing so we can begin creating a life worthy of our magnificence. Take time now and enjoy applying acceptance and finding common ground as you make new friends and deepen relationships.

Michelle DesPres, Clairvoyant Counselor

Author of The Clairvoyant Path

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