September 29, 2012

Message from the Magpie

17668288-mountain-spruce-forest-in-fog-rocky-mountains-near-loveland-pass-coloradoI took a quick drive up to Horsetooth Mountain early yesterday morning. The fog was thick and I wanted to see the mist along the lake except the mist was so dense I could hardly see five feet in front of me. The lake was nowhere to be found. It was covered by a wall of white billowy haze that suggested something magical was just waiting to be revealed. Little did I know that magic would come in the form of a magpie and his message.

I was taking pictures of the trees against the blanket of clouds when I heard a bird loudly chattering from behind me. I turned to see a magpie atop a spruce whistling and singing with incessant purpose as if he was trying to let another bird know where he was. As I turned to see him, he turned and looked directly at me and all I could see were the eyes of a man staring back at me. Without a second thought, I spoke to the bird saying hi and instantly the bird responded with what sounded like a hello. That’s when I knew this bird was anything but a bird.

Strange things happen to me all the time. I receive messages from animals, insects, crossed over people, and spirits of all sorts. I know that when something is presenting itself as strange, odd, or weird that I should particularly pay attention to it because there is always a bigger message of healing and growth. This was exactly what was happening with the magpie. Just like a cat can serve as a witches familiar (a spirit in animal form), so can a magpie. Magpies are not uncommon and I have certainly come across magpies that were just magpies. However, I immediately knew that this bird was a spirit, a guide and teacher, who had a message I needed to hear.

Unfortunately, the only message I was receiving was the one coming from myself telling me to take a picture of the bird. I moved closer to the tree but in my personal determination I crossed the bird’s boundary and it flew away. I followed it and it flew farther. I felt bad. I wished I hadn’t scared him off and that I had just sat and listened to him for a while. Sometimes my impulses get the better of me. This bird had a message and I just scared it away. I decided to quickly gather my things and head back to my office to meditate on and research the message of magpie. However, as I came up around the side of my car the magpie nearly flew into me and redirected himself on the post directly in front of me. He looked a little stunned as if he didn’t really want to be that close to me but the spirit inside him was compelling him to action. I quickly snapped a couple pictures before he flew away again but I was left with the impression that this bird had something big to say and I needed to know what it was.

Back at my office, I researched the magpie, I learned that this magical bird’s message is one that reflects opportunities and advancement. Through proper use of higher intelligence regarding occult magic, one can manifest into their life what they most need whether that is a new career, a loving relationship, or even an idea they had never thought of before. The magpie teaches us that by using the power of our spirits and working with the natural world we can create any scenario we desire which is exactly why I’m sharing this story. The magpie’s message wasn’t just for me, it was collective.

We have reached a cycle of time in which we can all begin to use our higher knowledge and esoteric understandings to start creating the world we have always longed for. However, before we can start enacting from a higher position we must first ask ourselves these few very important questions…Do I have knowledge that I am not using? Am I employing whatever skills I have to get what I need most? Am I using my knowledge and skills appropriately? These are tough questions to ask and be honest about but if we can recognize how we are currently using our power and learn to incorporate the universal magical laws into our intentions, we can actually start altering our social and philosophical life issues in ways that are sustainable and honoring of all people. If you want to learn how to access more of your magical powers, now is the time to sign up for clairvoyant classes. The world is waiting for you to be the change. “It can be done,” says the magpie.

With Love,

Michelle DesPres – Clairvoyant Counselor and Healer


Ted Andrews – Animal Speak pg. 164-166

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  1. Michelle, check out a youtube video, Crystal Grid by a seven year old (uploaded on July, 2012)…This is amazing!
    Loved your insight with the Magpie message….
    We are indeed bridging/walking between two worlds…I reside in the New Earth the majority of the time and it is Magical…Much love…Calie

    1. Hi Calie,
      Well that was an amazing video and an even more amazing boy. I’m going to share that video on facebook.

      Thanks!! Sending all my love and light your way.

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