September 21, 2012

Fall Energetic Climate Forecast: Assuming the New Stance of Compassion and Acceptance

I was absolutely amazed by the heat of the summer. Never before had the heat felt so intense sparking an onslaught of frustration and aggression. Although the cooler nights suggest the heat is subsiding, my intuition as well as what I know about current astrological events is that the heat is symbolic of behaviors that no longer serve us. What we are working through and asked to let go of is a burning off of old ways of living in unconscious competition, which shows up in behaviors like anger, aggression, and discontent. These are things that the summer heat and astrological patterns have been symbolic of and although we will see these continue into the fall we have to remember, we have a choice. This fall offers us the opportunity to anchor a new pattern into our lives by assuming a new stance of compassion and neutrality that is meant to change our experiences from competition to cooperation.

These heated patterns showed up in many ways. Most of us felt this spike in one way or another; friendships and relationships were tested, careers were reconsidered, and ideals were challenged. I see in myself and all of us a frustration that things don’t really improve when we act from these places. That is why we are being asked to reevaluate our stance and determine if it is bringing us into deeper connection with one another or creating distance between ourselves and others. We can choose to express anger and frustration, or we can choose to express its opposite which is compassion and acceptance and in taking a new stance we change the pattern of what is beginning to emerge as the new cycle of time. What we enact and practice this fall will anchor in as the new cycle of flow that will begin to repeat and come back to us over and over again during the next several years.

I’ve never been very good at turning the other cheek. I was taught to stick up for myself at all costs. However, over the last year I learned the importance of taking a different stance, a compassionate, neutral, accepting, and understanding stance. In that sense, I learned not to fight but to cooperate even with unreasonable situations and individuals in ways that bring harmony, balance, and most importantly…healing. Once I gave myself permission to say what I really felt in a direct but neutral way, situations that would potentially be explosive are now defused, and the people involved are suddenly willing to cooperate.  Pretty cool, huh?!

The things created by how we choose to act are being expressed on personal and planetary levels. The power of choice around these lessons is in our hands. We have to ask ourselves…What do we want our experiences to be like in the future? I hope you will help create with me the compassionate and understanding world that is ours through acting in peace and cooperation.  How we choose to react to the issues in your lives this fall will dictate what we are anchoring as our new cycle of experiences. Practice being neutral and compassionate and see what magic awaits us all.

With Heart, Michelle & Brian

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  1. Beautifully put! Neutrality and compassion are truly the key. Confidence and an abundance in love will also aide us in maintaining the strength it can take to turn the other cheek.
    Go Fall!!!

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