August 30, 2012

Ella Enchanted Me with Hope for the Future

I was a young mother. I had three boys by the time I was 24. Prior to each birth, I dreamt of who my children would be. In each dream I dreamt of a boy and so I never doubted that I was having boys and sure enough that’s how it always turned out. Motherhood was natural for me and I loved it but that’s not to say it was simple or easy by any means. It’s the toughest challenge I’ve ever taken on and consequently, the most rewarding. I love who my sons have grown to be and the family we have established. But today, our entire dynamic changed with a simple phone call. My son, Sam, called to tell me that he was nervously sitting in dead-stopped highway traffic trying to get to the hospital because his wife, Kris, was in labor and about to give birth to their daughter Ella. Although Kris has not reached her due date yet, I was not surprised to hear that Ella was on her way because Ella had already told me just 24 hours earlier.

When I first learned that my son and his wife were pregnant, I choked. I’m too young to be a grandmother and then I checked myself and thought, guess I should have considered that 28 years ago. However, after the initial shock wore off, I became really excited. Something told me it was a girl but I didn’t want to make assumptions and I hadn’t dreamt about it and was second guessing myself. Then one day, Sam and I were talking and he told me he had a dream. He dreamt that they where having a girl. Coincidentally, Sam and I were talking that day because he was on his way to the ultrasound appointment. He said he really didn’t feel he needed a machine to tell him he was having a girl. He knew and already had a name picked out too. So of course when the ultrasound showed they were having a girl, it was really no big surprise either and that’s when it all started…Ella began enchanting me.

Just after the ultra sound, Ella started making her presence known to me. I was driving and a car ahead of me pulled into my lane with the license plate h-ella. I jokingly said to myself, “Oh little Ella’s spirit is saying hello to me.” When I arrived at my destination, as I was ordering a coffee a young girl came running past me followed by her mother saying, “Ella stop running.” Now the joke was over. I was in awe. Twice in a matter of minutes I’d heard my new granddaughter’s name. Was her spirit really saying hello to me? I know better than to poo poo those things; life is stranger than fiction. Still, I prefer my messages in threes and the next day I got my third confirmation. I was having lunch with friends and the waitress came up to us and said, “Can I tell you about Ella’s specials today?” It didn’t matter what that special was, I ordered it. I knew Ella was letting me know she was in good health and spirit and that she was looking forward to being a part of our group. I felt honored. Ella still had several months before she would be born but I already felt like we had a relationship. As the next several months passed, I didn’t hear much from Ella until the day before she was born.

 I was in a coffee shop writing when a young girl came whizzing by me followed by a mother saying, “Ella get back here.” This was not the same mother from months earlier and I was struck with a telepathic thought from Ella enchanting me once again. She was telling me she would be here soon. I just didn’t know she meant 24 hours later. So today arrives a very powerful little girl who will someday grow to be a very powerful woman. Her message to me is one of hope. She is here to aid in the transformation of earth; bringing her into alignment with her ultimate purpose of balance, love, and peace. In my opinion, children are the only worthy cause left today. I’m so happy to get to know Ella and assist her on her journey of making the world a much better place.

Happy Birthday Ella – Nana Shell loves you.

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  1. How exciting Michelle! I am so happy for you! Ella is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. I can totally imagine her in my head!

  2. Congratulations grandma/nana- you’ve touched my heart tonight, thank you for sharing your story about Ella, can’t wait to see pictures.

  3. Thanks for sharing your joy…”They shine of light and love and in their tiny hands are the hidden seeds of new beginnings”

    My best and blessings accompany you, Calie

  4. Nana Michelle! So happy little Ella has come at this time with love and blessed light surrounding her. Sharing your joy always. Marsha

  5. Congratulations Michelle….being a grandmother is the best job we ever get and thank goodness we are older, wiser and more evolved before that happens to us and them….HA
    I am loving your book honey….
    Sandy Maes

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