August 22, 2012

Everybody Back to School…It’s Time to Change the World

by corsi photo

Sending my kids back to school was a very unique experience for me this year. The youngest of my babies started college this week. How old do I feel? That’s beside the point because I can’t get past the emotions of feeling like it all went by too fast. I miss my babies and of course my biggest regret is not having enough time with them. I feel like life held me back from being the mother I really wanted to be. I worked all the time – not out of desire but out of necessity, and I was chastised for my parenting style because it didn’t fit the “normal” mold. Now those precious years are gone and in some ways I feel I have let my sons down. The world I’m sending them out into isn’t the world I wanted for them. I failed – not with my boys who are all grown up now and are very independent and free-thinking men – but in my abilities to change the world. Try as I might I couldn’t make the world a better place for them and I’m wondering now…will it ever be? Except I know there is such a simple fix to the world’s problems. Our cultural issues are easily rectifiable we just need to get back to school and learn the science of our spirits as this is the simple fix that can change the world.

by Duncan Brown

I am a true non-conformist. My entire life I have fought the systems that keep people dis-empowered at the expense of myself. I stood up at my job and spoke out about the dogmatic corporate politics that didn’t honor people and planet and was only concerned about making a profit only to be fired and changing nothing. I spoke my mind with my husband about the values of family and how a mother is the core of that unit and should really not have to work outside of the house as this is the most important job in the world only to get divorced changing nothing their either. I really don’t even fit into my own community. As a metaphysician I recognize the power of my heart to live from my spirit as well as recognizing the power of my Colt .45 to defend my physical being should I need it to. However the healers, visionaries, and consciously-minded individuals I know think that is small minded of me and that I am promoting violence.

by Susana Vazquez

Here is my dilemma…rules, laws, and regulations change nothing as they are mere band aids on a leaking dam. Our problem isn’t that we haven’t found the right system it’s that we haven’t had the proper education to even know what is in our greatest interest. Here in lies my problem…How do you shift the views of a nation and get them to understand that there is a simple education that can serve as the cure for all our ills when they don’t want to see? The way people can change their core beliefs and patterns is by exploring their spirits and witnessing the totality of themselves seeing that their soul has been all things good and bad over many eons of time. This type of perspective changes a person’s point of view making them accepting and compassionate toward themselves, others, and the world around them. Unfortunately, our culture scoffs at the idea that such a perspective exists. However, this is the education all American’s lack and the reason we are in such crisis and chaos today.

by Per Ola Wiberg

I’m saddened by the state of our lives. Most people I know are struggling, unhappy, wishing it would just end one way or another via rapture, the end of the world, ET’s, whatever – everyone is looking for the easy way out. But let me tell you, the only way out is in. There is a higher thinking that can be embraced as the new science of today that brings balance to all things. As a culture if we don’t educate ourselves about the science of our spirits, we will see our demise. However, if we want a different future, a happy, thriving, prosperous, abundant, purposeful future, for ourselves and our children, we can simply learn how to view the force of our quantum magnetic spirits taking ownership over our abilities to change what we value and the way we live our lives. This back to school season do yourself and everyone else a favor and seek the clairvoyant education of your higher self so we can get on with the business of making the world a better place. Please…I’m begging now!


Michelle DesPres

Author of The Clairvoyant Path



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  1. Very, very enlightening! I couldn’t agree with you more. I have your same dilemmas and thoughts in one way or another. Thanks for being the voice for those of us who lack the words.

  2. I too sent my youngest off to college. The weekend I was suppose to be hanging around the college sending her off, I was off in the mountains tackling a mountain…literally. While the I was conflicted. Struggling with who I was expected to be as a parent in today’s society. If judged I would have failed in the eyes of society, yet I have succeeded in the eyes of my child. Being a parent for me has been one of the hardest struggles…my beliefs in life…the world don’t match with the norm. I have always treated my children like people…not babies, or children, but people. My parenting has been independent of what is necessarily expected. I believe that in this world, things can be fair. I believe we accept less than we should from everyone. I believe there should be no war. I don’t understand why we cannot talk things out. I am not a fighter, I believe in love. I believe we should listen to both sides, for you have no idea what others have been through. Empathy is key to understanding another’s point of view and being able to listening to others with a true and open heart.

    The world is not where I wanted it to be…nor where I expected it to be. I am disappointed in all of us. But…that is the challenge. We are the change…my children are the change…you…are the change. Together we will be the change, to he’ll with the rest, that’s what I have to say.

    Great post Michelle… You have me on a roll.

  3. Sorry for any typos….I typed that fast and furiously… I should have checked it over but sometimes…you just go with it. 🙂

  4. I too am a single mom and get what you are saying about raising kids and time going way too fast. My boys are only 6 and 10 and now I feel as if you have just given me this gift of awareness or “refocus” and making the most of the limited time I have with them. Thank you.

    In regards to the state of the world. Isn’t it the strife and problems that we are faced with and how we handle them, that help draw us closer to our Divine Path? In one of your classes I really connected to the saying that Jackie refers to, “Be the change you want to see.” Change is one person at a time. The ripple effect.

    Can’t wait to get back to class again. It’s been too long.

  5. It’s brave to be different in the world…that’s what keeps it turning around. And what’s that saying,Oh yeah, “Well behaved women rarely make history.” I’d say we are rewriting it all together. Keep up the great work, ladies. Your children are better off because of you. Now let’s get out there and shake things up a little!

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