July 25, 2012

Adjustments, Acceptance, and Awarness – Oh My!

by cagrimmett


I keep reading about potential.  I read about how we have been in a month of sowing what we reap.  The message I am hearing is that how we handle adversity now will affect how we set our intentions for the future.  Most of this information I have gathered has come from The Power Path (www.thepowerpath.com)  and many of my fellow bloggers.  And, the bottom line is, I believe it all to be true.


by ralphbijker

This month (July) has been about adjustments, acceptance, and awareness.  Moving forward it needs to be about action.  I have recently blogged about the snakes and spiders as well as how, What we feel we are dealing with may not really be ours.  Well, now is the time to put into perspective what is ours.  What do we want to do? Where do we want to be?

Hopefully we have all had an opportunity to take some time for personal introspection.  When we look inside, we gain insight.  We know what makes us uncomfortable.  We know what we don’t necessarily like. With that we need to know that, that alone is a great start.  But that is all it is, a start.

Even though we maybe don’t know what it is we fully want, we need to remember that having a direction is enough. Knowing what we don’t want and how we don’t want to feel is a foundation of where we are going.

Once we actually start to take the steps needed to move ahead with our lives, we have taken an action.  We have taken hold of our intentions.

by Rd. Vortex

I kind of look at the month of July as a check point.  A way to spiritually look at where I am, what have I accepted.  What reactions and repercussions am I dealing with in regards to the changes in my life?   Am I open to what I am experiencing?  Do I feel that I am headed in the direction that still resonates with my beliefs?  Am I learning or rejecting the lessons I am being presented with and am I able to recognize the difference?

Nothing and nobody is perfect.  It is what makes us the unique people we are.

Most all of us aim to be the best we can be.  I say “most” because we are all on a different path, all in different phases of enlightenment.  We need to be patient and forgiving and far less judgmental of ourselves.  I know that for me this is a message that I am quick to throw around to others yet, it is the hardest to embrace for myself.  I recognize this.  This in itself is a huge step.  It doesn’t mean it is fixed. It does mean however; that I am aware.  By being aware, I find that I will often contemplate the reasons I am so hard on myself.  It is a process and a slow one but I know that by no longer ignoring it I am on the right path.

Like the snake that sheds his skin, shedding what no longer serves us can be uncomfortable.  It can make us agitated and grumpy.  Change is usually uncomfortable in the beginning, and that is what July has been, uncomfortable.

by Christopher D

It has been a month full of awareness which has forced us to make adjustments. Hearing of the terrible murders in the theater in Aurora Colorado (my home state) has been very heart wrenching and uncomfortable.   We all want to know why.  We all want justice.  We are being made to feel very uncomfortable, which will inspire us all to make changes in our lives.  Personal changes as well as political and social changes.  The one thing we must all hold on to is love.  We need to remember now more then ever to fill our hearts with love, not hate, not revenge.

by seafaringwoman

Moving into August I really do believe we will need to be focused on action.  I think that  knowing what we know now, at this moment in our lives is what will propel us going forward. Holding strong to love and compassion is important.  Learning how to take action through our hearts not our egos or fear is of the utmost importance in the world at this time. Fear grows fast.  It encourages hatred and violence.  Focusing on action and not reaction is the difference of living through love and living through fear. As the month winds down and the new month starts to take shape take some time to reflect.  Reflect on what was and where you are wanting to go. Then…jump in get your feet wet, and take action. Embrace the month and remember to live life with all your heart.


Jackie Mihalchick

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