July 12, 2012

Eradicate War – Seek Self Knowledge

I came across a post on Facebook today that prompted me to write my latest blog. Below is what the post read followed by my response on eradicating war by teaching self knowledge.

Facebook Post: R.I.P. To the 31 US Troops who were killed in Afghanistan yesterday. I bet no one cares enough to repost this to show some respect. This is the real reason for flags at half staff! I have only seen this posted one time; if it was a celebrity it would be plastered all over Facebook. What a shame! I reposted out of respect to the fallen heros. God Bless Our Troops.

Response: My oldest son is leaving in September to become a Marine. My middle son is already a Marine and nearly lost his entire leg in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. Let me just say, the worst thing you can ever do to a mother is take her children and send them off to war. I spent 6 weeks in government facilitated hospitals with my son when he was injured. What I witnessed of my son and the countless other boys and girls in trauma sickened me. My heart was broken at the thought of their pain and all the clever ways our society likes to disguise it and I thought of their futures and the endless nightmares they would never be free of. I couldn’t take it. I broke down. I have never felt so dis-empowered in all my life. What could I do to stop this? Something had to be done but to be sure complaining wasn’t getting me anywhere. No body wanted to hear it and no body cared enough to make a difference. I was infuriated and in that moment I finally understood where my children got there fiery militant-ness. I wanted to annihilate something – mostly the gigantic portraits of the self-centered and ego-driven admirals and generals that hung in glory all around the hospital wings in a testament to ignorance and intolerance. In my powerlessness I questioned, “How does one person change eons of societal programming?” “How can one person change the future of children around the world?”  It seemed too daunting a challenge but then the solution appeared.

by Peter ‘lastfuture’ Marquardt

I didn’t sleep much during those 6 weeks but when I did my dreams were profound. The most significant dream was when Mother Mary came to me absolutely speaking words of wisdom and providing me with the knowledge of how to let it be. She told me it wasn’t effective to oppose the structure rather it was best to move around it. She talked to me about writing and the book I was working on prior to my son’s injury and how that information could be used as an educational tool teaching people how to balance their multi-dimensional self inwardly so that inner-peace could become their natural outward expression and creation suggesting that this is how peace is won; not by war but by self-knowledge and its ability to innovatively reinvent our reasons for living.

Mary’s wisdom for me was to continue living the life I had forged as this was the proper path for me. She was referring to the fact that many years ago I let go of my corporate career, leaving behind benefits, insurance, security, MY HOME in lieu of living a life beyond mediocrity and its disempowering nature. Mary advised me to follow my heart and not give into the structures but to act is if they didn’t exist. She suggested I patronize local business as this is what creates sustainable communities, buy from local organic farmers as this is what creates sustainable bodies, and use my higher knowledge to maintain personal and collective balance as this is what creates sustainable peace in the world. Her words never left me and I suddenly felt I had a new mission.

I say in my book, The Clairvoyant Path, (which is now available everywhere) that peace doesn’t come by rectifying our differences with others. It comes by rectifying our differences with ourselves first. We are a programmed society. You don’t have to look too far beyond Jersey Shores to recognize that. The only reason celebrities are seen as Gods and soldiers are seen as disposable is because we are a society who is taught to believe what we are told and not think for ourselves. That we are physical is obvious but that we are spirits having a physical experience is not so obvious yet that is the education we all lack in this country. There is a science to our quantum spirit that when understood has the ability to change the entire landscape of the American way of being. If you are like me and want nothing more than to eradicate war, start by educating yourself about who you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and learn to become responsible for maintaining the balance of your total self as this is how to change the world.



Michelle DesPres

Author, Teacher, Clairvoyant Counselor



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  1. Michelle, how I feel your pain. No one should have to watch as their child is healing from an injury that was caused by hate. Aka war. What a senseless shame.
    My heart goes out to you and countless others that mourn the imprint war has left on ones they love.

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