June 19, 2012

The Financial Tide Finally Turns in Favor of Alternatives

It seems the financial tides have turned and the people are need of alternatives. This is a call to all conscious-minded people and communities to unite at this time and become visionaries enacting a higher American ideal.

I’m in the habit of seeing the world from a different perspective. So when I heard that the Federal Reserve recently reported that Americans had lost 40% of their wealth in recent years (mostly due to home investments), I instantly knew this was great news. Let me be clear. I’m not happy the American people are struggling. However, this event does serve as the marker in time telling us the financial tides are shifting away from the past and toward a much brighter future.

Most American wealth is built on fear – fear of not having, fear of not having what your neighbors have, fear of living like past generations, fear of not being able to pay for our iPhones and video games, fear of terrorism, war and apocalypse, fear, fear, fear. Yet any conscious person will tell you that the one thing that creates lack is fear. So although the American people thought they were setting themselves up for a cushy future, all they were really setting themselves up for was disappointment. This is why it is more important than ever for conscious communities to step up and speak out on behalf of alternative ways of living today.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the wealthiest nation in the world sees its people losing nearly everything they have worked so hard for. But if there is anything Americans are good at its reinventing themselves which is why this is a brilliant time to seek and invest in alternative ideals. For example, we could cut our food bills considerably simply by having gardens in our yards instead of grass or even between every third house. We could start supporting local business and farming before importing the same goods as specialties. We could manufacture Airgenesis wind turbine systems (an innovative and visionary alternative energy system with the potential for making coal production obsolete around the world) not only saving us money but saving the earth’s environment. We could even take our defense budget and bring all our girls and boys home from war and pay them to maintain our homes, roads, schools, parks, etc as this is what it really means to be in service. There are many ingenious ideas today just waiting for us to get on board.

Money is energy and energy follows flow. Where money once flowed toward competition, greed, and corruption (in adherence with the cycle of time), this Federal Reserve report serves as the marker that tells us the financial flow has shifted toward a new cycle – one of cooperation, acceptance, and understanding. You don’t have to be psychic to see that big money is failing and little money is dwindling fast. The ideals and American dreams we have built our lives upon really have no choice but to change lest we desire to become a third-world country. It’s now more imperative than ever for conscious communities to step up their efforts and educate people on how to live for passion and to invest in their relationships as this is what actually makes sustainable individuals and communities in the long run.

Like I always say, we have an amazing opportunity to change what it means to be an American today. We are a forward thinking people who have been duped into believing that money is the goal. However, it’s plain to see that is a false reality. When it all boils down, the only thing you really have is your health and the love of the people in your life. Money doesn’t make us wealthy that comes from joy and love. Do you love who you are? Do you love the life you are living? Do you wish you had more time for the things you love and people you enjoy? Remember, it’s the pursuit of happiness not the pursuit of money that this country was founded upon.

There are plenty of alternative ideas regarding natural resources, food, education, finance, philosophy and social consciousness that can be adopted today as a means of achieving true happiness. The way out of this hole is to learn to collaborate and not compete with each other, to hold a higher vision for ourselves and the earth, to speak up and claim our truths, to seek a higher education regarding our spirits and bodies, to learn the complexities of our quantum field and become responsible for maintaining its balance inwardly so that balance can be reflected outwardly in the world. Most importantly, we have to stop buying into our fears and give ourselves permission to follow our passions. Money is of no consequence now and so we are free to create a brighter future – a conscious future full of purpose, love and peace. There is a global spiritual movement taking place today that offers us the opportunity to truly become the great nation we were always meant to be. Are you on board?

Michelle DesPres


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