June 11, 2012

II – High Park Fire Changes the Landscape of American Thinking

Photo by Brian Lindstrom

As an intuitive I’m used to listening to the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls of people, animals, and even the earth. As an adviser, I’m here to relay their message to you. Today’s message comes directly from Mother Nature in regards to the High Park fire.

When I saw the smoke and flames from this fire, I didn’t have to rely on my psychic abilities to know it was not going to subside any time soon. Colorado is on record for having one of the driest seasons in half a century. I quickly tuned into the land to see just what this fire was ultimately initiating as that is what fire is responsible for. I first saw several lightning strikes that likely smoldered for days before the winds fueled their fire. Lightning serves a very important task. We can think of it like an electrical impulse very much like the synopsizing of our brains. In that sense, lightning is the earth’s way of invoking a new thought into the land. Since we, as people, live on the land, we too are subject to that new thought pattern. In this case, the lightning was intent on causing a spark of new thinking.

Years ago, I lived near Stove Prairie – one of the areas hardest hit by the fire. I often envisioned myself living on acreage in the middle of this pristine land far, far away from people. Those were the days when I still mistrusted the world and really just wanted to keep to myself. Unfortunately, I believe this may be what many of the residence of this small community still feel today and why they are experiencing this tragedy. In many ways, they are being prompted to come back to the fold and allow their greater community to be of support to them – something I’m sure they are used to and prefer to do for themselves. But that’s the point. We are supposed to be recognizing that it is our relationships with each other that truly give us power today.

The American belief of every man for himself is burning away. We are being asked to initiate a new value system in which people are the resource. As we all pitch in either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, we are all contributing to the healing of the people, the animals, and the land. So although this has been difficult to witness, it has been necessary for growth. The communities of High Park are having their faith in people restored while the rest of us are getting the opportunity to rise above our self-imposed complacency.

The American way of thinking is changing. Take your cue from this fire and reach out to those around you whether they are involved in tragedy or not. Let the people in your life know you are there for them and let’s see how that ideal can spread like a wildfire into the hearts of the entire country. Think what we could create if we just learned to work together not just during times of hardship but everyday.


Michelle DesPres


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  1. This is a great message Michelle, especially your insight about the lightening- how it is like the electrical signal in our brains “bringing in a new idea.” Just as we have discussed in class many times before, the universe is forcing us to take our boundaries down. I know this is an issue I am personally struggling with lately. I think I am so conditioned to tragedy from former lives I have lived, that I am constantly putting up those barriers only to realize I am protecting myself from nothing. There is no longer a threat for my survival. So this week, I have been reminding myself that there is no longer anything to fear.

  2. Michelle you expressed that beautifully. I have noticed this change on a personally level for a few weeks now. I have been prompted and encouraged to bring my internal world outward. Growing up in the country outside of town helped shape me into someone who could spend hours or even days by myself in quite contemplation. This introspective nature has served me well in many ways, however, it is no longer a relevant pattern for me today. It is not easy to transition from one way of being to the opposite way of being. When we are prompted to make such a significant shift in our thought process it changes what we are able to manifest outwardly, therefore enabling us to change ourselves personally and collectively. Thank you for your wonderful perspective on this life changing event.

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