June 11, 2012

I – High Park Fire Sparks the Need to Seek a Higher Perspective

This is a two part article regarding the High Park fire. Part one addresses the coverage of the event and part two will help you understand why such events take place.  Please let me know what you think as well.

I noticed the High Park Fire Saturday as it began. The smoke was already streaming across the landscape and its source was truly menacing. Tucked in the foothills was a fiery orange and smoky black billowing eruption of clouds. I felt like I was at the gates of Mordor. The fire sparked me instantly and I knew it wasn’t going to go well…it’s been hot and dry for months and the winds of change have been blowing in new growth for a while now. I wondered what was going to change as a result of this fire and as I watched the news coverage, I quickly realized exactly what it was that was scheduled for updating.

I heard reporter after reporter say, “Mother Nature is in control here” or “It’s in Mother Nature’s hands.” I laughed. Did we ever think it wasn’t? Yet more disturbing was the way the media scrabbled for the human interest story. At first, I was consumed by the emotion and I felt the sorrow of the people, the animals, the land, even the structures – everything, I felt it – but then one reporter’s words hit me and I was suddenly offended. She commented about how wonderful it was to see that a community could come together and support its individuals as if she had never seen that kind of thing before. I was taken aback. Communities support one another every day our media simply chooses not to show us that because it isn’t wrapped around a disaster. I knew immediately that this was the change now initiating and blowing in.

As Americans we have to stop allowing the media to influence us into believing that the world is going to hell. There are actually great things happening all around us. People are being creative and innovative in designing new green energy resources that will make our lives easier and less expensive to live. People are coming together as families to supporting one another through this economic decline. Farmers and honey bee keepers around the world are working in tandem to keep our foods safe for us to eat yet these are not the images our media chooses to persuade us with. There are plenty of great things happening that can be the focus of our highly programmable subconscious minds other than only what is dredged up from the depths of hell. We have to stop buying into a life that is only a fraction of the truth. There is such a thing as consciousness – which we have no education about – in which we can view and witness the truth of any event or situation yet because we are influenced to think that our psychic abilities are dark and scary, we never seek the truth for ourselves. But that’s the kind of news I vote we start supporting today.

This fire has great purpose and meaning. Mother Nature is absolutely in control. She is changing a lot of her make up today not just in Fort Collins but globally. This fire sends an impulse into the hearts of us all telling us we can no longer deny ourselves what we need to grow. Change is going to happen. You can either go with the flow by understanding its purpose or you can resist and struggle and hold on to a way of being that is no longer functioning.

If you want to read my conscious opinion regarding what Mother Nature is telling us all with this fire, refer to my next article. If you want your media to start showing you the good things people are doing then seek an independent source. But just remember, you probably want to be able to discern the truth for yourself and not just believe anyone which means it’s also time to educate yourself about the science of your personal quantum field of reality and how it serves to support truth.

As I always say…We have an incredible opportunity to change what it means to be an American today. There is a higher science and way of thinking that is not just for mystics anymore. We are ALL innately intuitive and can discern what is being fed to us versus what is real and will help us grow. I for one am tired of hearing political and corporate rhetoric ringing true in all my news briefings. I would much rather see what is happening with real people everyday who are honoring themselves and honoring one another whether for good or helping each other in times of bad. We should ask ourselves why this is not the vision our media cares to perpetuate and then we should ask ourselves what we can do to educate ourselves about who we are as higher beings so we can start living to a uniquely different American standard.


Michelle DesPres


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  1. Fantastic post! It’s a great perspective on the call to action required for all of us, and how we need to acknowledge that it is time to change. It’s critical to start not only expanding ourselves, but to get clear on our own truths in the context of the local and global community.

  2. Very well put, as always, Michelle! I was sitting outside last night as the breeze grew stronger and stronger. I was thinking, these are the winds of change blowing through…. I know that so many of us are experiencing a sort of “fire” within ourselves right now and we need to realize that the way we have been living is just not working anymore. When we truly accept that and “go with the flow”, things WILL get better! Thanks Michelle!

  3. This is awesome! This topic of the negative media has been heavy on my heart lately and it needs to change. I couldn’t have said this better myself.

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